Panic Move
Move all your funds from the bots to a specific position
The Panic Move Extension allows move bots to a specific position. This can be very useful if you want to move in or out of a market with all your selected bots. Once the extension is activated, you do this manually, it will move the funds from the bots to the desired position and optionally deactivate the bots.

Compatible Bots

    Trade Bots
    Email Bot
    Flash Crash Bot
    Intelli Alice Bot
    Inter Exchange Arbitrage bot
    MadHatter Bot
    Ping Pong Bot
    Scalper Bot
    Script Bot
    Trend Lines Bot
    Zone Recovery Bot

Good to Know

    When a Flash Crash bot is deactivated, open orders will be cancelled.
    Order, Accumulation, Script, Index & Market Making Bots are not eligible.
    This extension will deactivate automatically after all funds are moved.


Extension Name

The name of the extensions.


Template used for the orders

Deactivate Bots

Deactivate bots after order has been completed.

Bot Type

The type of the bot that has been added

Bot Name

The name of the bot that has been added.

Current Position

The current position of the bot

Move Funds To

The position to move the funds to.
Last modified 7mo ago