Setup guide

  • Create a new Flash Crash Bot
  • Open the Custom Bot page by selecting it in the menu on the left side.
  • A new screen will show up, on it you will find a big + added. A small window will slide down.
  • Select the Flash Crash Bot from the list.
  • Select the Account (API) you like to use and the Price market you like to trade on.
  • Click on "Add bot",
The menu will slide up and a new bot will appear in the list. Click on the bot to open it.
Adding a new bot

Price settings

  • Enter the base price. The base price can be entered manually or set to the current price by clicking on the current price
  • Select one of the available price spread options.
  • Set a spread value and other value (if shown).
Price settings

Amount settings

  • Select the Used Currency in the dropdown. (gains are paid out in the opposite currency)
  • Set the Total Buy Amount allocated to the bot.
  • Set the Total Sell Amount allocated to the bot.
  • Set the Order Size. Make sure the amount is higher than the minimum trade amount of the selected account.
  • Set or leave the default value of the Refill Delay. Only use this if the bot is set up in anticipation of a real flash crash.
Amount settings
After hitting the save button, the bot will create and show an order book. This is the result all the settings. If you are not sure you have selected the right settings it is good idea to test your settings by running a backtest. Keep in mind that the actual values of the bot will change. You will need to reconfigure the bot after the backtest is completed.