Doji Star

The Doji Star candlestick pattern indicator generally signifies indecision between bears and bulls and is usually found at the top and bottom of a trend, meaning it can be used to signify trend reversals. This indicator works by generating trade signals after the pattern has formed. For more information about this candlestick pattern, please check out Bearish Doji Star candlestick patterns on and Bullish Doji Star candlestick patterns on Users may want to use this as a stand-alone indicator if they are bought during a bull trend (to sell at the top), while the opposite is true during a break trend; where the user will want to be in a sold position and use this indicator to buy at the bottom of a bear trend.
The difference between Doji Star and Doji is that Doji Star will be much more squeezed together than the Doji, although both work quite similarly.
Your position determines the trade signal used for this indicator! If you are in a bought position, the trade signal will be a sell signal. If you are in a sold position, the trade signal will be a buy signal. You can set this indicator to produce the signals you want by ONLY enabling those trade signals on the left of the candlestick pattern indicator screen.
Last modified 4yr ago