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Fibonacci Retracements

Fibonacci Retracements are a technical analysis indicator that evaluates the high and low points of the chart, then places a Fibonacci Retracement from the high point to the low point. Buy signals are generated when the price is below the 50% retracement, while sell signals are generated when the price reaches above the 50% retracement.

In its current implementation, the Fibonacci Retracement indicator is experimental.

Tip: Use during sideways markets or to confirm trends with reversed signals.


Supported license & Trade types

Supported License

Supported Trade Types

Spot trading

Margin trading

Advanced license

Leverage trading

General Settings

  • Exchange Website to monitor

  • Currency Pair to monitor for trade signals

  • Update Speed

  • Trade Signals

Tip: The exchange doesn't have to be the same exchange you are currently trading on.

Indicator Settings

  • Length

    • Number of candles (or time periods) before an action is taken.


This indicator is useful for longer time periods (1 to 4 hours). This indicator works well in high volatility as it assumes that the middle of the retracement will be stable in terms of price fluctuations.