Up Down RSI

Up Down RSI is an RSI Based Indicator that uses an alternative formula to calculate the momentum oscillator. This Indicator works exactly like RSI but instead of determining this from the difference in price, it is calculated by what is called trend stepping. Trend stepping basically measures the closing price of a range of candles and when the price of one candle is lower than the next, it is calculated as 1 price step up. Because of this alternative calculation of Relative Strength Index, Up Down RSI produces some unique Trade Signals.


  • Exchange Website, of which you would like to monitor (Pro Tip: It doesn't have to be the same exchange you are currently trading on)

  • Currency Pair, of which you would like to monitor for trade signals.

  • Time Interval - The amount of time per each candle.

  • Trade Signals

  • Length - Length of Up Down RSI

  • Buy Level (buy at and lower)

  • Sell Level (sell at and higher)


It is recommended to use this Indicator during sideways markets so that you catch the dips and rises to maximize your profit during a sideways market. Be sure to play around with the values to find trade signals that suit your needs.