Trending (Volatile) Trend 2

The Trending (Volatile) Trend 2 Insurance is a new Trend Identification Insurance that allows a user to only allow trades for a Trade Bot during a a trending or volatile market. This insurance works by running a few tests on the current market to determine whether or not the market is volatile or not. If the market is volatile, this Insurance will allow trades to go through, if not, it will block the trades.

This Insurance only looks at a mid term time scale to determine whether or not it is sideways


Below is an example of when this Insurance will allow trades. If you want to recreate this, simply create a Trade Bot and add Blind Indicator with the Trending (Volatile) Trend 2 Insurance to see when the trades would have gone through. Trades go through when you see the red and green Trade Signals at the top, while when they aren't present, trades are disallowed.