2x RSI

You can use a combo of 2 Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicators during a relatively stable market. During big movements in Bull or Bear directions it is not good.


Usage and Things to be aware of

  • Set up one RSI with a long period of time for example 60-90-120 minutes or higher.

  • The second RSI should be set up with a shorter period of time 5-15-30-60min.

  • Another option would be to adjust the time frame of the orders by changing the first value in the RSI.

  • For example, one RSI with the default 30 30 70 and the second with 60 30 70 and both indicator at 15-120 min.

It is possible that you will make some trades that will cause a loss, however if you leave the indicators alone and let them do there job over long period of time then you can get some good trades out of them.

Note: If you set your RSI at shorter times they will likely overtrade. They will trade so much that they are losing funds just because of the trade fees and creating a lot of trade noise.

Note: Increasing the length of RSI will reduce the amount of trades, but it will make RSI more accurate.