Pshai Scripts (C#)
Pshai's scripts are a collection of custom Indicators, Safeties, and Insurances for use with a custom trade bot.
Please note that the built-in Script Editor does not work with C# scripts. Please use your preferred text editor or IDE to create your own or edit the ones provided here.

Pshai's Indicators

Pshai's Safeties

Pshai's Insurances


You can install them by navigating to ScriptIndicators or ScriptInsurances or ScriptSafeties. Location for each OS are outlined below:
    My Documents\HTS\ScriptIndicators OR ScriptInsurances OR ScriptSafeties
    macOS ~/Library/Application Support/HTS/ScriptIndicators OR ScriptInsurances OR ScriptSafeties
    root/HTS/ScriptIndicators OR ScriptInsurances OR ScriptSafeties

Using Pshai's Scripts

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