HaasScript Facts

Every minute is tested

When a script is being backtested, every single minute in the backtest period is tested. Although this hurts the backtest speed, it is required for the most accurate results. There is a command available to optimize the backtest speed. Read more here:

Account & Market Definition

Several commands, like the ClosePrices() or PlaceBuyOrder() , have a market parameter. The parameter type is a string and is built using the following structure.


The contract name can be empty for spot and margin markets but is required for leverage.



InputAccountMarket will return an extended version with the account identifier and leverage


This same string can be used for every command that requires an account, market, or leverage definition.


Input account only returns the account identifier as a string, this string can be used as the market in PlaceBuyOrder . The command will place an order on the same market as the main market but on a different account.


CreateMarket allows you to compile a custom market string. All the parameters are optional and the default market setting will be used if not set. If, for example, the script is on BITSTAMP_BTC_USD_ and we call CreateMarket('', '', 'EUR') it will return BITSTAMP_BTC_EUR_ . This allows for creative scripts.

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