Importing Scripts

This tutorial will show you how to import shared scripts into the editor for you to use

If you've come across with shared Visual Editor scripts, you might have seen something like this:

.....and so on

And you are probably here because you are unsure how to get this imported to your HTS, so let me tell you how to do just that.

Few simple steps to follow...

Step 0

Open Visual Editor from the left main menu panel:

Step 1

First off, we start by creating a new blank script in the Visual Editor:

Step 2

A new window will pop up. Depending on the type of script you are importing, select the Type appropriately. In this tutorial, we will be importing pshai's Simple Leverage Scalper (found here: so we will use the type Script :

Step 3

Once we have our new script created, let's head on and click the Import Script button on the toolbar:

Step 4

A new window pops up again, this time with a huge text box. This is where we will copy-paste the scribbled code:

Step 5

After hitting Save we let HTS do its magic and after that, we should be able to see something like this:

And that's that!


If the type of your blank script is not the same as the one you are trying to import, you will see the errors in the Compile Log once you save the imported script the first time.

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