Trade Bot


Merges multiple signals into a single list and determines the unanimous and consensus signal.

  • IndicatorContainer([ signals[] ])

Returns a list with on index 1 the array with signals, on index 2 the unanimous and on index 3 the consensus signal.

Return Type: Dynamic


Validates if all the signals agree.

  • InsuranceContainer([ signals[] ])

Returns true if all the signals in the collection are true.

Return Type: Boolean


Checks a collection for active safety signals.

  • SafetyContainer([ signals[] ])

Returns true if any of the signals is active.

Return Type: Boolean


Checks the safety, indicator & insurance signal. If a safety is active, DoExitPosition() will be executed. When there are no safeties active, the indicator signal will be executed if the insurances agree.

  • TradeBotContainer([ safetySignal ], [ indicatorSignal ], [ insuranceSignal ])

Return Type: Void

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