Using Local API Server


HaasOnline Trade Server's advanced API allows users a very flexible means to control their trades. With the HTS API, you can make your own trading software or your own interface. The power of HTS's API interface gives users a way to make your own things. You do not have to program, focus on orders that are failing, wallets that are empty, or even to get banned by the API. Our API will take care of this for you.


To make the local API work its important to enable it first, out of safety reasons we have disabled the local API by default. To enable this, please go to the Settings inside the Haasbot and open the "Local API" tab. Enter a IP address and a secret token and press Save.

The Haas Trade Bot will respond by restarting and activating the API directly.


Before you can get started its good to confirm the communication is working. The first step is by watching if you see this message listed. It will confirm if the API is enabled and at which URL.

Starting SuperWebsocket
Web socket started on address
Open API server started (

Application is started. :)

If it shows up then the next thing is to do a small test, use this command.

If all goes well then you will see that HaasOnline Trade Server has received the command and responded with a similar message below.

Incoming request: /GetPriceMarkets?priceSourceName=Bitfinex
Incoming request: /favicon.ico

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