Parameter Information

Everything you need to know about the parameter for a command is provided in a help window that pops up when you hover with your mouse on the command. The window contains information about the parameter name, type and a short description.

Optional parameters, like note above, are encapsulated in square brackets.

When a open parentheses is detected a new window will show with information about the current parameter that is being defined. The parameter will be bolded and underlined. A short description is visible and if the parameter has any suggestions, they will be listed at the bottom.

If you trigger the auto completion window by pressing Ctrl+Space the same suggestion will be listed if there are any.

Once a comma is detected and the next parameter is being defined the window will update again

Optional Parameters

The script editor has a little trick when it comes to defining optional parameters. If we for example look at the PlaceBuyOrder command, it can take up to 7 parameter of which only 2 are required. If we want to define a custom timeout for the order we would need to define all the others first. Instead, we can pass on a key,value object with the optional parameters we want to define and forget about the other.

The key in the object needs to match the parameter name.

Indexing Value

Several commands like OrderContainer or PositionContainer return a list with data. Each value can be indexed on 2 different ways. Using the index number or using the index name. Both methods are valid and return the same information.

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