Manage Bots On Email Alarm

Activate or deactivate bots based on email alarms
The Manage Bots On Emails Alarm extension provides a way of activating or deactivating bots when a certain email is received. The extension will monitor the emails and when an email matches a defined message it will activate or deactivate the assigned bots.

Compatible Bots

  • All

Good To Know

  • When a Crypto Index Bot is activated it will NOT reallocate excessive balance.
  • When a Flash Crash, Market Making or Order Bot is deactivated, open orders will be cancelled.


Extension Name

The name of the extensions.


The provider of which the email are allowed to be matched.


The message that needs to be matched. Wildcards and regex are allowed.


The action that follows after an email is matched which the message.

Bot Type

The type of the bot that has been added

Bot Name

The name of the bot that has been added.


The account on which the bot is set.