Bot templates

Welcome to the Bot Templates page! On this page you can see a collection of running bots on several markets. You can see how they perform and you can copy them.

Bot Templates

Below you can see a screenshot of the list of the running bots. You can see on which market they run, what script is used, how long the bot is running, and the total ROI reached.

Copy a bot

To copy a bot you need to press the copy button.

Once you have pressed this button a window will show. In this window you can setup the name you like to give your bot and you can setup on which account and market the bot must run. Once done, the bot will be created and you can setup the bot itself before running it.

Setting up and running a bot

Once you have copied/cloned a bot, it is very important you setup the bot before running it. One of the things you really must do is setup the trade-amount the bot is suppose to use. Once you have done this, you can start the bot.

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