Lab test setup

This page allows you to define the lab test run and its parameters. The page is divided into two sections: the left section contains the settings, and the right section has two tabs (parameters and results).

Left Section:

  • Name: Enter the name of the test profile.

  • Algorithm: Select the Brute Force or Intelligent test execution method.

  • Save: Click this button to save the changes to the test profile.

  • Start: Click this button to start the lab test profile run.

  • Open: Click the icon to show the Script selection window.

  • Account: Select your account from the drop-down menu.

  • Market: Select the market to test upon.

  • Margin mode: Choose between Cross or Isolated margin method.

  • Leverage: Set the trading leverage (multiplier) used.

Right Section:

  • Parameters Tab:

    • Incl: Check or uncheck the box to include or exclude testing parameters.

    • Name: Displays the parameter name and default value.

    • Value range: Defines the test scanning range of the parameter.

    • Possibilities: Displays the number of possibilities the given range gives.

    • Reset to default: Click this button to restore the default values for a parameter.

    • Configure parameter: Click this button to open windows to configure a range of values or specific parameters.

  • Results Tab:

    • Orders, Trades, Positions, Fee Costs, Profits, ROI, Involved parameters, and Options column: Displays a list of test results.

    • Backtest Report icon: Click to open a window showing a summary of the backtest results.

    • Backtest Chart icon: Click to open a window showing a candle chart with all the trading moments on it.

    • Backtest Log icon: Click to open a window showing the log of the bot created during the backtest.

    • Backtest Positions icon: Click to open a window showing a list of all the bot its positions of the backtest.

    • Backtest Orders icon: Click to open a window showing a list of all the bot its orders of the backtest.

    • Backtest Bot icon: Click to set up a bot.

    • Download icon: Click the download button to download the results to an Excel sheet.


  • Setup Procedure:

    1. Enter the name of the test and select the algorithm to use.

    2. Select the account and market to test upon.

    3. Use the parameters tab to set up the settings you want to test.

    4. Click the Start button to start the lab test.

  • Finished Procedure:

    1. Once the tests have finished, go to the Results tab.

    2. Search for the record that shows the highest ROI.

    3. That will be the best setting.

  • Maximum Possibilities: The maximum amount of possibilities you can scan is 1000.

  • Maximum Test Length: In the cloud, the maximum length you can test is 1 month. On Enterprise, the maximum length you can test is 12 months.

  • You can keep using the HaasBot while the tests are executing.

You can only run a lab test over a period of 1 month if you are using the Cloud. In the Enterprise edition you can run tests up till 12 months.

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