Simple Grid Bot (FUTURES)


The Simple Grid Bot (FUTURES) is a cutting-edge trading bot developed by the renowned creator, pshai. This bot simplifies the process of grid trading on futures markets, making it accessible and efficient for traders looking to leverage the volatility of these markets for potential gains.

How It Works

The Simple Grid Bot for Futures markets automates the grid trading strategy by allowing users to define a price range within which the bot operates. It then divides this range into a specified number of grids. Unlike the Spot version, this bot is tailored for futures trading, managing Long and Short positions across the entire grid rather than individual positions per grid. This approach is designed to capitalize on the unique opportunities presented in futures trading.


This bot has been build for futures trading only, it does not work on spot.


Script Settings

  1. Price Range Configuration

  • Lower Limit: Set the minimum price at which the bot should start trading.

  • Upper Limit: Define the maximum price limit for the bot's trading range.

  1. Grid Mode & Quantity

  • Mode: Select between Arithmetic and Geometric grid modes. Arithmetic mode spaces grids based on a constant price difference, while Geometric mode uses a constant percentage difference.

  • Quantity: Determine the number of grids to divide your price range into.

  1. Investment Amount

  • Asset Type: Choose whether your investment is based on the Base or Quote asset.

  • Amount: Specify the total amount to be invested, which will be evenly distributed across the grids.

  1. Safety Settings

  • Implement start and stop conditions to manage your risk and secure your investments effectively.

Additional Notes

  • The bot includes features to automatically adjust your positions based on predefined start and stop conditions, helping to limit losses and preserve gains.

  • It is highly recommended to backtest the bot and use simulated trading to familiarize yourself with its functionality before deploying it in live trading scenarios.

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