This page covers the creation of the API key to be used with Binance Spot, Binance USDT Futures and Binance COIN Futures

Obtaining the API Key

Do NOT use the same API key that you have created for other services.

Do NOT add IP address restrictions as your API key might not work. We use multiple IP addresses which are unfeasible to be added to the whitelist.

  1. Click on API Management

  2. Click on Create API

  3. Enter a name for the API key

  4. Click on Next

    1. Complete the security verification for the API key creation

  5. Once the API key is created, click on Edit restrictions

  6. Click on the box next to Enable Spot & Margin Trading and/or Enable Futures

    1. Only Enable Futures if you trade on USDT and/or COIN Futures.

    2. Select IP restrictions and input the following IP addresses (copy and paste):

  7. Click on Save

  8. Keep the page open and login to your HaasOnline TradeServer and navigate to the Exchange Accounts page.

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