Synchronizing Your Computer's Time

macOS and Linux do not require time sync applications.
It is important that the first thing you do, before running TradeServer Enterprise on Windows, is to synchronize the time. If there is a large difference between your localhost and the exchange(s) time, there will be issues. It's recommended to synchronize the time on the localhost that will run TradeServer Enterprise.
The easiest way to synchronize the time on a Windows machine is to download and install the NetTime application. This free software will keep the time on your Windows computer synchronized. Once you have installed the NetTime application, you are ready to set up TradeServer Enterprise for the first time.

Installation procedure

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    The first step in the installation procedure is to install Docker. Plause use the link below to download Docker and proceed by installing it.
On Windows-based computers it might be required for you to turn on CPU visualization in the BIOS and Windows can ask for an installation/update of WDSL.
2. The next step in the installation process is to download the docker image. You can find the download for this at the License information page inside the TradeServer Cloud.
3. Unpack the download to you computer and open the folder where you have unpacked it.
4. Go to the config folder and open the settings.env with a text editor. Set up this file with your email and license key and save it.
You might want to change the PASSWORD field directly as well.
5. Go back to the root folder and execute the following command docker compose up. This command will install the TradeServer Enterprise to Docker.
6. Open Docker and press the play button to start the TradeServer Enterprise. Once its started, open your browser and navigate to to see the interface.
7. Once the Haasbot is started and you are logged in, then go to the upper right menu and select Price history status. At this page you can define what market you will be using and you can setup how much price data you like to download.
The Max is 36 Months of Data