Inter Exchange Arbitrage Bot


The inter arbitrage bot is a bot that uses 2 exchanges. By using 2 exchanges, it can buy at one exchange and sell at the same time at the other exchange. By doing this, profits get made and that is how this bot can earn for you.


The performance of this bot depends a lot on the price differences between 2 exchanges and market which are used.

This bot is unable to rebalance the wallet on both exchanges. In order to do so, you need to withdraw and deposit it manually.

Script Settings

Secondary account

In this field, you need to select the second account.

Secondary market

In this field, you need to select the second market. (equal to the primary market)

Trigger percentage

The trigger percentage controls when a buy and sell will happen. In common we use 0,5% for this.


When enabled, the script will only buy on the main account and sell on the secondary.

Maximum position size

With this field, you can set a maximum amount you like to buy or sell. When its reached, the bot will be deactivated.

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