Backtest History

The TradeServer Backtest History page displays a list of all your backtests. The page layout is simple, with a list of backtests including information such as timestamp, script used, market, backtest period, length of backtest, profits reached, and ROI.

Options Column:

  • Check Icon: Clicking on this icon will store the backtest result for the long term. You can access the saved results later.

  • Bot Icon: This icon creates a bot out of the backtest result. You can use the backtest results to set up a trading bot that automatically executes trades based on the backtest's trading strategy.

  • Edit Icon: This icon gives you a window where you can set up extra tags to the backtest. This allows you to organize your backtest results and easily find specific backtests in the future.

  • Delete Icon: Clicking on this icon allows you to delete the backtest result. If you no longer need a particular backtest result, you can simply click on the Delete icon to remove it from the list.

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