KuCoin Futures

Obtaining the API

To get the API keys for your KuCoin account, you need to login and click on Kucoin Menu and then click on API Management
Next click on Create API
Fill in the API Name and API Passphrase and select Future Trading and then add the trusted IP addresses
Fill in the security verification requirements.
Copy the API details before clicking on confirm

Adding the API to HaasOnline TradeServer Cloud

Login to TradeServer Cloud.
Click on the
icon and select Exchange Accounts
  1. 1.
    Click on the
  2. 2.
    Select Exchange Account.
From the list of exchanges that we support, click on KuCoin.
Select KuCoin Futures
Enter the Account name.
Paste the public API Key in the TradeServer Cloud window under Public Key. Repeat the same for API Secret but paste it under Private Key and the Passphrase.
Though it might not be necessary, it might be best if you make sure to check for spaces at the start and at the end of the API/Private Key after you paste them.
Once that is done, the TEST KEYS button should be active for you to press. Click on it.
Should the test pass, you will be able to click on Submit to add the API key to the platform.
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