Built-in Bots

The Haasonline TradeServer Cloud comes with a number of built-in bots.

We have created several new bots for you to use while porting over all our Custom Bots from Haasonline TradeServer (V3).

Open bots in Web Editor

  1. Go to the left menu and select the "Web Editor"

  2. On the "Web Editor" page, click on the "Open Script" icon, or press CTRL+O.

  1. A window will pop up. Go to the left side and select "Built-in" under "BOTS". This will filter scripts to show only the built-in bot scripts. Find the bot in question and click to open the script.

  2. The script will load. On the left side, you will get the ability to set up the exchange and market where the script is going to run its backtests.

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