Obtaining the API

To get the API keys for your Gemini account, you need to login and click on your name and then click on Api Settings

Click on Create a new API key

Enter your 2FA code.

Make sure Fund Management and Trading is enabled. Save the API Key and API Secret. Confirm your settings and add the account to the HaasOnline TradeServer under the Exchange Accounts page.

Adding the API to HaasOnline TradeServer

Login to the HaasOnline TradeServer.

  1. Select Exchange Account.

From the list of exchanges that we support, click on Gemini.

Enter the Account name.

From the Gemini API Management page, copy the API Key. Navigate back to the HaasOnline TradeServer window and, in the Public Key field, type "" (without the quotes) and then paste the API Key. Ensure there are no spaces between "account-" and the pasted API Key.

Copy the API Secret and paste it into the Private Key field. No special text is required for this field.

Though it might not be necessary, it might be best if you make sure to check for spaces at the start and at the end of the API/Private Key after you paste them.

Once that is done, the TEST KEYS button should be active for you to press. Click on it.

Should the test pass, you will be able to click on Submit to add the API key to the platform.

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