Simple Grid Bot (SPOT)


The Simple Grid Bot (SPOT) is an innovative trading bot designed to simplify the process of grid trading. Created by the talented developer pshai, this bot automates the trading strategy within a specified price range, making it accessible for traders of all levels.

How It Works

The bot operates by dividing a selected price range into a number of grids. Users specify the lower and upper price limits, select the grid mode (Arithmetic for evenly spaced grids based on price difference, or Geometric for grids spaced by percentage difference), and determine the amount of their total investment. The bot then places buy and sell orders across these grids, aiming to profit from the natural market fluctuations. It's important to note that the Geometric mode is not yet fully functional.


This bot has been build for spot trading only, it does not work on futures.


Script Settings

Price Range Setup

  • Lower Limit: Set the minimum price at which you want the bot to operate.

  • Upper Limit: Define the maximum price limit for the bot's operation.

Grid Mode & Quantity

  • Mode: Select between Arithmetic and Geometric grid modes. Arithmetic mode spaces grids based on a constant price difference, while Geometric mode uses a constant percentage difference.

  • Quantity: Decide on the number of grids within your price range.

Investment Amount

  • Asset: Select the asset type (Base or Quote) for your investment.

  • Amount: Specify the total amount to be invested across the grids.

Advanced Settings

  • Trade to Fill Grids?: Option to automatically buy or sell assets to maintain the grid structure.

  • Start Condition: Define conditions to automatically start the bot, such as instant activation, price conditions, or RSI conditions.

  • Stop Condition: Set conditions for deactivating the bot, like manual deactivation, price conditions, or RSI conditions.

Additional Notes

  • The bot includes start and stop conditions to help users limit and preserve their gains and investments effectively.

  • It is highly recommended to backtest the bot and use simulated trading to familiarize yourself with its functionality before deploying it in live trading scenarios.

More information

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