Intellibot Alice


Intellibot Alice is a machine learning bot. She has been given an SMA, EMA and RSI. She has been trained with market data of BTC/USD and BTC/CNY and this is how her mind has been created.
Alice is a bot that can be run with ease. She only wants to know how much you will be trading and where and that is all. She will decide when it's time to trade and she is 99% sure to give profits.
Over time we have expanded Alice with a stop-loss, take-profits, and insurance to overcome twice the fee costs. We have added these things especially to make Alice support futures trading as well.
This bot is pretty safe to run, Alice has a good track record.
The training of this bot is done by HaasOnline, it has not been open-sourced yet.


Alice is known to wait for the perfect moment to trade. So she is not trading a real lot and sometimes she does not trade at all. This is normal for Alice. but in overall her performance is just good.

Script Settings

Alice Interval


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