Visual bot building

Creating your first visual bot

In this small tutorial, we are going to show you have you can create a very basic visual bot.

Step 1: Creating a visual bot

To create a visual bot, you need to go to the left menu and select the "Web-editor". Once selected a new page will show up. On top of this page you will find a toolbar, click on the most left icon which display icon to create a new script. If all goes well then you will get a windows on your screen, asking you whats sort of script you like to create. Select a visual script and give the visual bot a name.

Step 2: Adding a indicator

In this case, we are going to make a visual RSI bot.

We begin with adding the RSI indicator. We can do so, by going to the "Commands" tab and opening the panel with the "Technical Analysis". In the "Technical Analysis" you will find the "RSI" listed. Select and add this to your drawing.

The "RSI" shows 2 inputfields. The RSI wants "prices" and a "period". To give it prices, you need to open the "Price data" pane and select and add the "ClosePrices". Connect the "ClosePrices" to the "RSI" at the "prices" label.

To give the "RSI" a period, we need to add an "Input". Open the "Input fields" pane and select and add the "Input" to your drawing. Connect it to the "RSI" at the "period" field.

So far you now have a working RSI. But that is not enough to create a visual bot. You need to do something with the RSI as well, like showing it and use it in the trade logic.

Step 3: Plotting the indicator

So next would be to Plot the RSI. Open the "Charting" pane and add the "Plot" element to your drawing. Set it up to draw on chart 1 and give it a name like "RSI". Connect the output of the "RSI" to the "value" field of "Plot". Now, your RSI gets drawn.

Step 4: Adding trade logic

To add the trade logic to a visual bot, you need to go to the "Equations" pane. In case of our RSi example, we want to buy and sell at triggers like bigger then and smaller then. So we need to add the "IsBiggerThan" equation. Once added, connect the outcome of the "RSI" to the "IsBiggerThan" at input field "input1".

The "IsBiggerThan" require a second, trigger, input as well. To make that works, you need to add 1 more input fields. Go to the "Input fields" pane and select and add "Input". Connect new created "input" to the "input2" field of the "IsBiggerThan".

"IsBiggerThan" is a equation, so it has a output too. In our case we want to sell if the RSI goes above the 70, so you need to open the "Trade actions Managed" pane and add the "DoSell" action. Connect the outcome of "IsBiggerThan" to the "DoSell"

Repeat the same steps by adding a "IsSmallerThan" equation, so add a "Input" for it too and hook this up to the "DoBuy".

TIP: On top "Commands" tab there is a search field. Use this to search for he elements you like to add.

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