Parameter Information

Everything you need to know about the parameter for a command is provided in a help window that pops up when you hover with your mouse on information icon on the top right of each command. The window contains information about the parameter name, type and a short description.

Parameter Color

Each input and output has its own type. There are numbers, text, arrays of numbers, enums and dynamics. The color of each connection point will tell you what type it is or it expects to receive. Each type is connectable with the same type and there are a few exceptions.



Connectable with




Number Array















A dynamic value can contain everything. The scipter controls what goes in and what comes out. While the type is connectable with every other, it doesn't mean it will work. Storing a number in the dynamic and using it as a boolean will result in an error.

Parameter Execute

Some command have a specific execute parameter. The result of the input needs to be true before the command is executed. If the command doesn't have this parameter by default we can enable it through the context menu with the "Toggle connector" option.

Parameter Multiple Connections

Input parameters who end with [] are not restricted to a single connection. They can be connected from an unlimited amount of outputs and will execute once all input values are set.

Parameter Suggestions

For every in- and output we have created a default suggestion list. This will help you define every parameter and quickly continue with the next block. If there are any favorites blocks with a valid connection they will be listed in the Favorite option. Any other block with a valid connection will be listed in the Others list.

Parameter Connection Type

Numbers, strings, dynamics & boolean types can switch between connection dots and input fields. Several command have parameter who are by default a field or checkbox. In the context menu of each parameter there is an option to change the type to a dot, field or checkbox depending on the compatibility.

Parameter Input Field Hashtag

The Visual Editor engine has a little tricks that include a #. When we change a parameter to a field and set a name starting with a hashtag, the engine will try to look up the value in different source.

  • Input field values

  • SessionSets results

  • Saved values of Save()

  • Custom command parameters

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