PingPong Bot


The name "ping pong" is not an official strategy name, it's just a way to describe what happens when this bot is working.

This bot determines a selling and buying price in advance based on the most recent history and the goal is that the prices will be moving within these target prices.


This bot performs at its best when prices are sideways. This bot is known to give losses when prices become trending.

Script settings

Stop loss

The stop loss is a percentage that you can set and where you control when your pingpong bot takes a loss. Its very recommended to keep this percentage between 2% and 5%.

Target Adjustments

The target adjustments is a time interval which you can select and where you can control how often the target buy and sell prices get adjusted. Its recommended to keep the adjustment time high, so adjust it at 30 minutes or longer.

Tips and tricks

Just like all other build-in bots is this bot is free and open-source. So, if you like, you can take the source and improve upon it.

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