C# Scripted Bot

In version 3 of the TradeServer we have been offering the C# bot. It was a bot where you were able to create your bot logic in C#. This bot has always worked very well, but with the introduction of version 4 of the TradeServer, we have changed our bot engine. We are no longer able to offer the C# based bot.

As a replacement for the C# bot, we now recommend building a common HaasScript bot that uses the ParseJson() and ParseCsv() commands. Using these commands you are able to send data to external sources and read data from external sources. So if you create a small application, give it a webserver and hook that up to ParseJson()and ParseCsv() commands and you should be able to create C# bots again. The big advantages of this new approuch is that C# is no longer required, and you can use any programming language now. In addition, this new approach allows you to debug your bot while it's running as well.

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