Execute trade

In the HaasOnline TradeServer, you will always be able to perform manual trades on any of the account that you have connected to the platform through the Execute trade widget.

  • Selecting the Account to trade from (both Simulated (Paper) and Exchange Accounts are available)

  • Select the Market you want to trade on

  • Choose the Direction you wish the trade to happen (either Buy/Long or Sell/Short)

  • Choose the Order type of the trade

  • Change the Time in force for the trade

  • View the Current price for the market you are going to trade on

  • Set the Price for your manual trade

  • Set the Amount for your manual trade (the slider directly below it allows you to set the trade in Percentages instead or show you in terms of percentages what the amount of the trade is)

  • Choose whether or not the order is Post only

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