Cex.IO (Legacy API)

Obtaining the API

Login to the Cex.IO site and select your account profile, followed by the API menu or browse to this link https://cex.io/trade/profile#/api. Select the permissions as indicated below and then click Generate Key.

Do not select Open Positions as the HaasOnline TradeServer does not support margin trading on Cex.IO at this point in time

The Key and Secret information will be added to the page after clicking the generate key button. Please copy the UserID, Key and Secret data to be used in the Haas Trade Server and then click the activate button to active your newly created API.

You will be prompted for your TWO-Factor Authentication Code after which a email will be sent requesting you active the new API key. Click the Activate button in the email.

You will then be taken back to the Cex.IO site where the key activation will be confirmed as shown below

Now, all that is needed is to add the API UserID, Key and Secret data to the HaasOnline TradeServer Cloud in the Exchange Accounts page by selecting the Cex.IO from the list.

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