Chatbot David


To lower the learning curve for you to become a professional crypto trader, we’ve introduced David. David is a seasoned crypto trader who has been trading crypto for many years. He also loves to educate people, so he is more than capable of telling you all the ins and outs of crypto trading and strategy building in general.

David is accessible if you have a paid subscription


David is an AI-powered chatbot that is only designed for educating people in crypto trading and strategy building. Here’s how he can assist you:


You can ask David things like: What do I need to learn to become a crypto trader? What do I need to learn to become a bot builder? How can I design a good trading strategy? David will be able to explain all these things in high detail.

Basic questions

Sometimes you encounter new things or things where the name of it is new to you. At such a moment, you can ask David to explain what something means. Since he is an expert in crypto trading, he will be able to explain exactly what it means and likely the context on how it is used too.


David has studied everything in crypto trading over the years. So you can ask him things like what indicators can detect overbought and oversold signals? Or, what indicators detect trending markets? Or, what are common indicator combinations? Or, which candle patterns are normally used as entry signals?

How to Access David on the TradeServer

To start a conversation with Julia within the HaasOnline TradeServer, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your HaasOnline TradeServer.

  2. Navigate to the upper right menu.

  3. Look for the chat icon and click it.

  4. Select David and start the conversation.

Tips for Interacting with David

  • Be specific with your questions to receive the most accurate assistance.

  • Ask David to explain something if it is unclear to you.


Please note that David is continuously learning and improving. While he is equipped to assist with many inquiries, there may be instances where he does not have the answer to your question.

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