Zone-Recovery Bot


The Zone Recovery Bot is designed to take a position (long or short), to set a take-profit level (aka exit level), and to set a take-counter-position level. It's aim is to reach the take-profit level as soon as possible. But, when the trend goes in the other direction then the take-counter-position level will be hit. This means, if the bot went long at the start, it will open a bigger short position now. This bigger position will compensate for the losses made by the first position. The bot will re-calculate a new take-profit and take-counter-position level and the process will repeat itself until, in the worst case, the maximum exposure get hit and then the losses will be taken.

Some website will tell you that this bot is 100% profitable, but this is just in theory. In practice, you can hit the maximum exposure and you will be forced to take losses because you can not open anymore new positions.

We got 2 versions of Zone-Recovery Bots listed in the TradeServer. There is a full-hedge mode version and a non-hedge version. The operational difference is small, but the difference is that the full hedge mode bot keeps the long and short positions both open if it takes a new position. They get closed when the ZR-Bot has reached its profits. The non-hedge version closes the earlier position before it opens a new position. So this bot will only go long or short.

This bot is a safe bot to run, however do not let greed get the better of you. So keep the starting position small.


This bot gives low profits for almost no trading risk.

Script Settings

Minimum exposure

The amount which the bot uses for its first opening position. Set this up with a low value to be able to take enough counter positions.

Maximum exposure

The maxmimum amount the bot will expose itself to the market. Set this up with the maximum of contracts you allow this bot to open.

Trade amount factor

The multiplier used for taking the bigger counter position. (this is normally set to 2)

Percentage profits

The target percentage profits. (this is normally set to 0.2%)

Zone factor

The multiplier used to calculate the take-counter-position level. (this is normally set to 1)

Tips and tricks

Just like all other build-in bots is this bot is free and open-source. So, if you like, you can take the source and improve upon it.

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