Poloniex Futures

This page covers the creation of the API key to be used with Poloniex Futures ONLY

Obtaining the API Key

Do NOT use the same API key that you have created for other services.

Do NOT add IP address restrictions as your API key might not work. We use multiple IP addresses which are unfeasible to be added to the whitelist.

  1. Login to Poloniex

  2. Click on More Settings

  3. Click on Futures API Keys

    1. If this is your first time enabling Futures Trading on Poloniex, click on I understand the risks to be able to proceed

  4. Enter the API Name and API Passphrase and then click on Create

  5. A slideout will appear that asks you to request for the email verification code as well as your 2FA code. Enter them both and then click on Confirm

  6. The page will refresh and then show you your new API Key

    1. It is recommended that you copy and paste the key and Secret shown to a text file as they will disappear after we complete the next few steps

  7. Click on Change

  8. Click on the box beside Trade to enable it

    1. This is the very last chance for you to copy and paste your key and Secret to a text file before Secret is not shown ever again.

  9. Click Save

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