Use Signals

Use remote signals from providers like TradingView.

HaasOnline TradeServer Cloud gives you the ability to register signals. These signals can be used in several different ways.

For example, use them to send buy or sell signals from HaasScript to another HaasScript or from an external source (e.g. TradingView) to HaasScript.

Guided Tour

How to use Signals with Haasonline TradeServer Cloud

Registering the Signals

On the signal management page, you can register your own private signals. Give them a name and description and in return you will get a public and secret key.

Producing Signals

For the signal production, you will need your previously generated public and secret key. This is for safety reasons.

Producing signals can be done in two ways:

  1. Inside a HaasScript, by using the SaveRemoteSignal(public,secret,signal) command

  2. Externally with a webhook and calling the following URL:


    • Webhook Signal ID Options:

      • 1 = Long (or Buy)

      • 2 = Short (or Sell)

      • 3 = ExitPositions (closes all open positions)

      • 4 = Exit long

      • 5 = Exit short

      • 6 = Signal Reserved A (free to be used for whatever goals)

      • 7 = Signal Reserved B (free to be used for whatever goals)

Reading Signals

Reading signals is done by the public key and it's from inside HaasScript. The command looks like this:

signal = GetRemoteSignal(public)

In this case, the signal which comes back can just be compared to the common signals, like SignalLong, SignalShort, SignalExitLong and so on.



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