Chatbot Julia


To enhance your experience and provide you with quick assistance, we’ve introduced Julia, our dedicated Support Chatbot. Julia is here to guide you through the functionalities of HTS and help you navigate the complexities of setting up and managing your trade bots.

Julia is accessible if you have a paid subscription


Julia is an AI-powered chatbot designed to offer support and guidance on various aspects of the HaasOnline TradeServer. Here’s how she can assist you:

Bot Setup Guidance

Julia can walk you through the process of setting up different types of trade bots available on HTS. Whether you’re looking to configure a scalper bot or explore the features of the Intelli Alice Bot, Julia is here to help.

Exchange Configuration

If you’re unsure about how to connect your HTS to an exchange, Julia can provide step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth setup.

Bot Functionality Explained

Julia can explain the purpose and functionality of built-in bots, helping you understand which bot might be suitable for your trading strategy.

Command Assistance

While Julia cannot generate HaasScript on demand, she can certainly guide you on which commands to use and explain what each command does.


Julia can offer troubleshooting tips or direct you to resources that can help resolve your problems.

How to Access Julia on the TradeServer

To start a conversation with Julia within the HaasOnline TradeServer, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your HaasOnline TradeServer.

  2. Navigate to the upper right menu.

  3. Look for the chat icon and click it.

  4. Select Julia and start the conversation.

Tips for Interacting with Julia

  • Be specific with your questions to receive the most accurate assistance.

  • Use keywords related to your issue to help Julia understand your request better.

If Julia cannot resolve your issue, she may direct you to submit a support ticket for further assistance.


Please note that Julia is continuously learning and improving. While she is equipped to assist with many inquiries, there may be instances where she does not have the answer to your question. In such cases, she will guide you on how to seek further help.

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