Setup Telegram Notification Bot

This page is a walkthrough guide for connecting the TradeServer Cloud to Telegram. Once connected to the Telegram bot, TradeServer Cloud will push notifications to bot. These notifications can come from manual orders or bots that you have set up.

Notification Overview

Below is a list of the currently available notifications that can be pushed from TradeServer Cloud to Telegram.

  • Completed orders (bot & manual orders through TradeServer Cloud)

  • Cancelled orders (bot & manual orders through TradeServer Cloud)

  • Historical orders (data from API)

All Bots

  • Activating/Deactivating

  • Trade amount error

  • Coin/Funds position switch

  • Order execution.


  • Trade Bots - Safety triggered.

  • Accumulation Bots - Deactivated by max amount.

  • Crypto Index Bots - Stop-Loss triggered.

  • Email Bot - Stop-Loss triggered.

  • Email Bot - Email matched.

  • Flash Crash Bot - Out of range by x%.

  • Flash Crash Bot - Safety activated.

  • Flash Crash Bot - Follow The Trend deactivated.

  • Order Bot - Order triggered.

  • Inter-Exchange Arbitrage Bot - Deactivated by max amount.

Message Profile

Each bot has its own message profile than can ignore or push notifications. To edit a Trade Bots message profile

  • Open the bot and click on “Message Profile” under the Quick Links

  • Open the context menu on the bot page, list or widget and click on “Message Profile.”

To edit a Custom Bots message profile

  • Open the custom bot and click on “Message Profile” under the options dropdown.

  • Open the context menu on the bot page, list or widget and click on “Message Profile.”

Telegram Notification Guide

The screenshots for this guide were taken from the web version of Telegram. The layout might be different on the mobile version of the application.

  • Open Telegram and search for @BotFather (note that there may be a few fakes in your search, only choose the one with a blue tick beside the name). If you cannot find it, click on this link and it will automatically open your Telegram application to the correct channel:

  • Click on Start (if that is not available, type /start) and a list of options will be made available for you.

  • You can click on or type out /newbot. BotFather will then ask you to name your notification bot. We recommend that you type in something that you would easily recognize. In this example, it will be HTS-Helper.

  • BotFather will ask you for the username of this new bot that you are trying to create. Choose a simple username that you would be able to remember. In our example it will be HTS_Helper_bot.

  • Congratulations! You have created your new Telegram notification bot. Copy the HTTP API access token and we will paste it into our HTS.

  • Login to your HTS and go to Settings and then click on Notification. Here you will see a section for Discord and Telegram Notifications.

  • Paste your HTTP API access token into the provided field and click Save.

  • You can now search for the bot's username that you have created earlier in Telegram. In this example, it is @HTS_Helper_bot.

  • Click on Start (if that is not available, type /start) and some help text will pop-up.

  • You can type in menu or help to see the available options.

  • Clicking on Show Commands will provide a list of commands that can help you.

Video Guide

You can connect your trade server to telegram messenger to receive updates in the mobile app.

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