Obtaining the API

Log in to your account and then select the Account menu
Once the Account Page is open find the security menu and expand it to show the API access option
Select the API Access menu and then click on the New API Key menu option
Select all the permissions show below
Add your Two-Factor Authentication Code and then click Generate Key
Save the details for the KEY and SECRET to be used in Haas Trade Server and click the Activate button
Bitstamp will send you an email requesting you click on a link to complete the API key activation process. Clicking the link will take you back to the Bitstamp API Access page which will show you the details of the recently activated API key
Now, all that is needed is to add the API Key and Secret data to the Haas Trade Server under the Price Drivers & Accounts page by toggling the Bitstamp price driver to Online followed by adding a Bitstamp account using the Add New Account button
Last modified 4yr ago