Manage Bots On Indicator

Activate or deactivate bots based on an indicator signal
The Manage Bots On Indicator extension provides a way of activating or deactivating bots when a certain signal is produced by an indicator. The extension will monitor the indicator and when the defined signal is produced it will activate or deactivate the assigned bots.

Compatible Bots

  • All

Good To Know

  • When a Index Bot is activated it will NOT reallocate excessive balance.
  • When a Flash Crash, Market Making or Order Bot is deactivated, open orders will be cancelled.
  • This extension will deactivate automatically when the signal matches.


Extension Name

The name of the extensions.


The platform of the market to monitor


The market to monitor

Alarm Type

Option to select if the current price needs to be above or below the mid-market price before the extensions triggers.


The indicator used


The interval of the indicator


Activate or deactivate bots

Deactivate extension when triggered

An option to deactivate the extension after the indicator signal has triggered.

Indicator Settings

The settings of the indicators

Bot Type

The type of the bot that has been added

Bot Name

The name of the bot that has been added.


The account on which the bot is set.