Order Persistence

Retry mechanism for failed orders.
The Order Persistence extension will try to replace the order when its has been cancelled, rejected or for when the connection to the exchange is troublesome. The extensions will do a certain amount of retries before it stops. This extension is very useful for bots or indicators that only signal once, like the Email Bot. Keep in mind that the extension will execute the order with an updated price. This may result in unintentional losses.

Compatible Bots

  • Trade Bots
  • Email Bot
  • Flash Crash Bot
  • Intelli Alice Bot
  • Inter Exchange Arbitrage bot
  • MadHatter Bot
  • Ping Pong Bot
  • Scalper Bot
  • Script Bot
  • Trend Lines Bot
  • Zone Recovery Bot

Good To Know

  • Not all bot types are supported. Only bots that have a buy-sell-buy-sell logic.
  • High number of retries could result in possible API bans.


Extension Name

The name of the extensions.

Bot Type

The type of the bot that has been added

Bot Name

The name of the bot that has been added.

Number Of Retries

The number of times the order is executed before giving up.

Retry Timeout

The number of seconds between the retries. Bots will be blocked during the whole period.

Max Price Movement

The maximum price percentage change from the moment the order is initially executed.