Create your custom dashboard with information about your portfolio.

Account Statistics

Displays some basic account statistics.

Account Balance Chart

Displays a simple line graph of your account (or wallet) balance over time.

Account Distribution

The distribution widget will display a pie chart of Wallet funds.

Balance per Day

Balance Chart

Displays a simple line graph showing your balance over time.

Balance Table

A table view is also available if the line graph doesn't suit your needs.

Asset Information

Provides a table view of your assets with useful information such as current price, Profit/Loss, etc.

Asset Location

The asset location view is meant to give some basic information about your assets. The "In Order" column will display the amount that is currently tied up in an open order.

Asset Trend

This table view provides a quick way to see how your assets have been performing over some common time intervals. If you have a sizable portfolio, this table will be a valuable time saver for analyzing the performance of all your assets.

Trade Profit

Profit Statistics

Displays basic trade metrics. Simply select the exchange and currency.

Profit Per Market

Creates a table view of your assets based on the market currency you select.

Trade Volume

Volume Statistics

Shows basic volume information about the exchange account selected.

Volume Chart

Shows a simple line graph of volume information, for the selected assets, in the selected exchange account.

Volume Table

A nice table view of asset volume information.

Trade Frequency

Frequency Statistics

Displays basic trade frequency information.

Frequency Chart

Shows a nice bar chart of trade frequency for the account selected.

Trades per Market

Displays how many trades were executed for each market on the selected exchange.

Trades Per month

Displays a table showing how many trades were executed per month.