Beta Release

3.3.41 - November 30th, 2021

[Framework] OKEX SSL/TSL error solved
[Framework] KrakenFutures order parsing improved

3.3.40 - November 12th, 2021

[Framework] Bybit USDT Perpetual - Set margin/leverage fix.
[Framework] Bybit Inverse Perpetual - Cancel order fix.
[Framework] Gemini - Price & amount decimals fix. [Interface] XSS protection expanded.

3.3.39 - October 1st, 2021

[Framework] Haas Labs - Scripts can now use custom score system in Intelligent Tuner
Example: CustomReport('score', myCustomFitnessScore, 'labs')
[Framework] OKEX Futures & -Swap fee percentage and calculations improved .
[Framework] 2FA code starting with 0 being rejected.
[Framework] FTX issue in the HaasScript editors fixed.
[Framework] Accumulation bot calculation error.
[Interface] Overlapping error text for duplicate custom bot names.
[Interface] Button alignment for safety/indicator/insurance buttons on bot page.
[Interface] Duplicate add/edit order models on Orderbot full screen page.
[Framework] HaasScript - Parse(array, StringType) now converts array elements into strings

3.3.38 - July 26th, 2021

[Framework] OKEX API v5 implemented. New API keys required.
  • Your wallet on OKEX is shared on Spot, Futures & Swap. We cannot merge the 3 supported drivers. Users are still required to make 3 separate accounts for the 3 drivers. If the user does this with API keys of a single account, the combined portfolio balance will be incorrect. Users will need to make subaccounts to prevent this.
  • OKEX allows for multiple positions with different margin modes. You can open an isolated position and open a cross position on the same market, direction & leverage. You cant change margin mode like on Binance or BitMEX. This means users need to manually (or in the script) close their positions before selecting a different margin mode. Only selecting a different mode does not close or change the mode of existing positions.
  • Your account mode on OKEX needs to be on single or multi-currency margin mode.
[Framework] Haas Labs concurrent backtest limit increased from 50 to 250.

3.3.37 - June 18th, 2021

[Framework] HaasScript - New command to DisableIndicatorContainerLogs()
[Framework] FTX driver causing out of memory exceptions.
[Framework] FTX price & amount decimals adjusted.
[Framework] Coinbase Pro unable to connect on startup solved.
[Framework] Missing bots for developer licence

3.3.36 - May 11th, 2021

[Framework] HaasScript - Fixed CHOP() command errors
[Framework] Binance Futures market decimals fix

3.3.35 - April 29th, 2021

[Framework] HaasScript - Enable custom colors for Log()
[Framework] HaasScript - Added IsEnterpriseVersion() command
[Framework] HaasScript - Added Source Price commands
  • InputSourcePrice()
  • SourcePrices()
[Framework] HaasScript - Added Source Price enums
  • OpenPriceSource
  • HighPriceSource
  • LowPriceSource
  • ClosePriceSource
  • HLPriceSource
  • HLCPriceSource
  • OHLCPriceSource
  • VolumeSource
[Framework] ZoneRecoveryBot backtest between 2 timeframes bug fixed further
[Framework] Kucoin API v2 implemented - New API keys required.
[Framework] HaasScript - Revised formatting for logging arrays/tables/HNC

3.3.34 - April 12th, 2021

[Framework] HaasScript - AmountStep() command
[Framework] HaasScript - PriceStep() command
[Framework] HaasScript - GetOrderType() command
[Framework] HaasScript - GetHaasScriptVersion() command
[Framework] Unable to create command scripts.
[Framework] ZoneRecovery backtest between 2 timeframes bug fixed
[Framework] Gemini driver protocol updated
[Framework] Kucoin patched to support 0% fee as well
[Framework] Deribit position margin improved
[Framework] Correct name when cloning Order Bot & Trend Lines Bot
[Framework] Binance API showing under Margin drivers

3.3.33 - March 19th, 2021

[Framework] FTX API keys with read-only rights handled
[Interface] Advanced orders add menu CSS fix.

3.3.32 - March 11th, 2021

[Framework] Unannounced Bybit API changes implemented for wallet balance

3.3.31 - March 9th, 2021

[Interface] CSS issues after Chrome(-like) browser update.
[Framework] Binance minimum trade volume read from API
[Framework] Visual script backup file compression changed (part 1 of 2)
[Framework] Bybit USDT Perpetual leverage on cross.

3.3.30 - March 3rd, 2021

[Framework] Binance minimum trade volume read from API
[Framework] HaasScript - Commands GetPositionEnterPrice & AverageEnterPrice can output open entry price
[Framework] Bybit Inverse Perpetual - Updated error codes that blocked placing orders
[Framework] HaasScript - Fixed Delta/PercentageChange command

3.3.29 - February 4th, 2021

[Framework] Binance USDT Futures duplicate BTC & ETH market solved.

3.3.28 - January 27th, 2021

[Framework] Binance COIN Futures API fix

3.3.27 - January 26th, 2021

[Framework] Bybit USDT Perpetual support
[Framework] HaasScript - GetTimer command
[Framework] Bybit renamed to Bybit Inverse Perpetual
[Framework] CEX.IO decimals made API based
[Framework] Kucoin BSV markets

3.3.26 - December 31st, 2020

[Framework] Bybit trading API

3.3.25 - December 28th, 2020

[Framework] Mono startup error when not using the recommended version (>= 5.14.x and <= 6.8.x)
[Framework] Order verification improved for all Binance API's.
[Framework] Bybit leverage adjusted
[Framework] Bitfinex markets restored
[Framework] Coinbase Pro error on NU markets
[Framework] Failing to load history for backtests on Mono

3.3.24 - December 3rd, 2020

[Framework] HaasScript - Choppiness Index Indicator
[Framework] HaasScript - GetTradingReport command (returns values listed below)
[Framework] HaasScript - Backtest Performance Statistics
  • Max DrawDown
  • Sharpe Ratio
  • Sortino Ratio
  • Win %
  • Profit Ratio
  • Profit Factor
  • CPC Index
  • Tail Ratio
  • Common Sense Ratio
  • Outlier Win & Loss Ratios
[Exchanges] FTX Token markets removed
[Exchanges] FTX Ref code fixed
[Exchanges] CEX.IO new decimals setup
[Framework] Bitfinex missing markets fixed
[Framework] HaasScript - Reloading VE scripts fixed
[Framework] HaasScript - ParseJson output object to contain keys
[Framework] HaasScript - SignalReservedA/B fix
[Framework] HaasScript - SignalExitLong/Short fix

3.3.23 - October 5th, 2020

[Framework] Binance & Deribit HTML 400 errors
[Framework] Binance USDT Futures fee costs calculation with custom fee.
[Framework] HaasScript NewArray/-List error
[Framework] HaasScript "unknown reference" error with dictionaries
[Interface] Visual Editor duplicate entries in favorite lists.

3.3.22 - September 22nd, 2020

[Framework] Support for developer (backtest) license added
[Framework] HaasScript support for fetching (demo) cloud signals added
[Framework] HaasScript - StartTimer & StopTimer commands
[Framework] HaasScript - Fixed Finalize command for VE
[Framework] New cloud and price socket endpoints setup
[Exchanges] Kraken spot wallet fix

3.3.21 - August 18th, 2020

[Framework] Binance COIN Futures API support
[Framework] Warning added for 50+ bots
[Framework] Binance Futures renamed to Binance USDT Futures
[Framework] Coinbase Pro amount decimals updated
[Framework] HaasScript - Fixed ArrayConcat
[Framework] Backup protocol added for price socket

3.3.20 - July 16th, 2020

[Framework] Bittex API hotfix

3.3.19 - July 15th, 2020

[Framework] FTX API support (spot)
[Framework] Old unused Haasonline forum newsfeed removed
[Framework] (Visual) Script double backup file added + fixed for visual
[Framework] Minor HaasScript fixes

3.3.18 - June 22nd, 2020

[Framework] Binance API errors
[Framework] Bybit open orders

3.3.17 - June 12th, 2020

[Framework] HaasScript - Backup files added
[Framework] HaasScript - GetCommand, gets a command handler by name, can be custom command or HS built-in
[Framework] HaasScript - ArrayFilterType enumerations (see ArrayFind and ArrayFilter)
[Framework] HaasScript - ArrayFind, returns a list of indices that match the value
[Framework] HaasScript - ArrayRemove, removes an element, pointed by an index
[Framework] HaasScript - CloseVPosition, closes a virtual position using a simulated order
[Framework] HaasScript - AdjustVPosition, add/reduce a virtual position using a simulated order
[Framework] HaasScript - Support for native order templates on leverage exchanges
- Binance Futures
- Stop loss limit & market
- Take profit limit & market
- BitMEX
- Stop loss limit & market
- Take profit limit & market
- Trailing stop limit & market
- Deribit
- Stop limit
- Stop market
- Kraken Futures
- Stop loss limit & market
- Take profit limit & market
[Framework] Price socket and tracking offloaded to cloud
[Framework] Newsfeed tracking offloaded to cloud
[Framework] Scripted driver high-speed data flow enabled
[Framework] Coinbase SSL levels upgraded
[Framework] Kraken Futures - partial order fix
[Framework] Kraken Futures - XRP/XBT wallet issue solved.
[Framework] Kraken Futures - More accurate P/L & margin calculation.

3.3.16 - April 29th, 2020

[Framework] Security patch for Linux/OSX users

3.3.15 - April 26th, 2020

[Framework] Huobi API - Unable to place orders.
[Framework] Startup error.

3.3.14 - April 16th, 2020

[Framework] Binance Futures hedge mode supported.
  • Switching your account(s) to HEDGE mode is done through the Binance Futures UI. The setting is located in the account preferences. Only visible on their new website for future trading. Switching a simulated account running on Binance Futures to HEDGE is not possible. Using HaasScript in combination with your Binance Futures account in HEDGE mode will not result in issues.
[Framework] OKEX-Futures Bi-quarterly markets support.
[Framework] Market cap/volume templates enabled again for the Advanced Index Bot
[Framework] Kraken Futures minimum trade amount adjusted to exchange specifications.
  • The exchange has a limit of 10 orders with an amount below 100 contracts. Orders placed afterward will be blocked by the Kraken Futures trading engine. Haasonline does not enforce this rule in their simulated account.
[Interface] Binance futures amount decimals rounding.
[Interface] Bybit futures order execution price fixed.

3.3.12 - March 9th, 2020

[Framework] Binance Futures Cross-margin support.
[Framework] HaasScript - ParseCSV command.
[Framework] HaasScript - ParseJSON command.
[Interface] HaasBots - Position identifier column for position tables.
[Framework] OKEX Swap profit calculation improved for USDT markets.
[Framework] OKEX Swap trade amount error resolved for USDT markets.
[Interface] Bot list - Not showing correct last trade timestamp.

3.3.11 - February 20th, 2020

[Framework] BitMEX API hotfix

3.3.10 - February 14th, 2020

[Framework] Mono stability improved
[Framework] OKEX Swap orders being rejected due to mismatch in leverage.
[Framework] Trade bot not being able to place small orders on Binance Futures.
[Framework] Adjusting executing price for simulated orders when above or below buy/sell price.
[Interface] When using the percentage buttons on the Trade now, its not executing orders.
[Interface] Bot list occasionally showing first instead of the last order timestamp.

3.3.9 - January 8th, 2020

[Framework] HaasBot updates 5 seconds after a completed order if high speeds is enabled.
[Framework] Binance Futures leverage levels adjusted for non BTC markets.
[Framework] BitPanda renamed to Bitpanda.
[Framework] Haas Labs - Export loaded settings to a bot didn't set correct script.
[Framework] Accumulation bot didn't continue trading after restart.
[Interface] Binance Futures tickers didn't update in the ticker bar.

3.3.8 - December 9th, 2019

[Framework] Bitpanda API Support.
[Framework] Double order registration in the Haas Bots.
[Framework] Advanced orders not executing starting order when using market orders.

3.3.7 - November 27th, 2019

[Framework] ByBit API Support.
[Framework] HaasLabs - Brute Force testing outside min and max value.
[Framework] HaasLabs - InputTable values not updating on an active bot after save.
[Interface] HaasLabs - Sorting on interval in the result table didnt work.
[Interface] HaasLabs - Exporting settings to bot might show incorrect parameters in UI.
[Interface] HaasScript Chart line width didnt adjust the width.

3.3.6 - November 18th, 2019

[Framework] HaasBot Discord & Telegram notifications
- Activation
- Order execution
- Safety order execution
- Closed positions
[Framework] Binance Futures incorrect leverage on open positions.
[Framework] Disappearing or invisble HaasBots
[Framework] HaasScript - incorrect bot positions after specific order sequence.
[Framework] HaasScript - IsPositionClosed patched.

3.3.5 - November 1st, 2019

[Framework] HaasLabs - Your personal backtest center for HaasScripts.
[Framework] Parse() command for HaasScript.

3.3.4 - October 15th, 2019

[Framework] NovaExchange no longer supported.
[Framework] Kraken Futures API changes implemented.
[Framework] Bittrex API error solved.

3.3.3 - October 4th, 2019

[Framework] Binance Futures API Support Note: API Keys before the launch are not compatible with Futures. Keys made after the launch are, after enabeling futures on
[Framework] API Support
[Framework] HaasScript - Candle Up/Down patterns.
[Framework] HaasScript Commands
  • InputSignalManagement()
  • IsPositionClosed()
  • Not() / NotEquals()
[Framework] Kucoin trade history endpoint switch.
[Framework] HaasScript - Table input improvements.
[Framework] HaasScript - Second and more additional plots missing in chart.
[Framework] Bittrex API - Public trade history error.
[Interface] Backtest Remote - HaasScript related buttons visible in other pages.
[Framework] Telegram - Not all bots showing in active bots reports.

3.3.2 - September 20th, 2019

[Framework] Bittrex API V3. (Old API keys are still working)
[Interface] Chart/layout resizing VE/SE/HB.
[Interface] SE/VE Market selection resetting after backtest.

3.3.1 - September 16th, 2019

[Framework] HaasScript
  • 4 new command available. SignalsToLog, PositionToBool, LastLongProfit & LastShortProfit.
  • Delay parameter added to the SignalProperties command.
  • MapNoneTo parameter added to the SignalMapper command.
  • Bug: EasySAR plotting circles instead of lines.
[Framework] Visual Editor
  • Continuation connector for commands with void as return type. Available in the context menu.
  • 2 new interactive guides: Flow Control & Working with signals.
  • Interactive guides can step back now.
  • Internal clipboard added. Hold up to 10 copied selections.
    • Paste is available in the context menu of the background.
    • Ctrl/Cmd + V paste the last copy to the last mouse click position.
  • Collapse groups of settings in the menu.
  • Command search improved. GPA will suggest GetPositionAmount.
  • Bug: Comma doesn't work as decimal separator.
  • Bug: Main context menu not opening.
  • Bug: Opacity parameter not working like intended on colors.
[Interface] HaasBots
  • Collapse groups of settings in the menu.
  • Exposed bots in Discord and Telegram.
  • Collapse groups of settings.
  • Script error icon added.
  • Save button will always be in view.
[Interface] Script Editor
  • Intelli-Sense improved. GPA will suggest GetPositionAmount.
  • Collapse groups of settings in the menu.
  • Bug: Errors on empty rows after copy-pasting ffrom certain sources.
[Framework] HaasScript Chart
  • Rendering speed optimized for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge among others.
  • Ability to zoom out a lot further on the chart.
[Interface] Multiple memory leaks found and patched.

3.3.0 - August 31st, 2019

[Framework] Upgraded HaasScript
[Framework] Enhanced version of the Script Editor.
[Framework] New Visual Editor powered by HaasScript.
[Framework] Custom, reusable, commands for in the Script & Visual Editor.
[Framework] HaasBots. The bot for your custom scripts.
[Framework] Trade Bots using HaasScript safeties/indicators/insurances will no longer work.
[Framework] Simulated accounts on margin/leverage can no longer have both a long and short position open at the same time. Only OKEX-Futures is allowed to have 2 positions.
[Framework] IScriptMarket requires an UnderlyingCurrency property. This is, for example, XBT on BitMEX, BTC or ETH in Deribit and BTC on Bitfinex.

3.2.33 - August 6th, 2019

[Framework] Kraken Futures - API changed implemented that blocked order verification.
[Famework] Order bot - Leverage not set correctly after creating a bot.

3.2.32 - August 2nd, 2019

[Framework] Bitstamp Websocket v2
[Framework] KuCoin API upgraded to TLS 1.2
[Framework] Gemini market details updated.
[Framework] Bitfinex markets sorted.
[Framework] Trade Now - Decimal separator.

3.2.31 - July 30th, 2019

[Framework] All Bitfinex Margin markets are tradable now, no more limitations.
[Interface] Settings Page - Bitfinex margin tab removed.
[Interface] Dashboard - Removed Deribit & KrakenFutures account options.
[Framework] Total Balance - Deribit balance incorrect.
[Framework] Trade Bot - Blind indicator on higher intervals.
[Framework] Bot Extension - Deactivating after safety not deactivating bot all the time.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - No backtest results in low priced markets.
[Interface] Settings Page - Unable to add email providers.
[Interface] Trade Bot - Disable on losses description.

3.2.30 - July 19th, 2019

[Interface] Supressed decimal warning when another popup is open.
[Framework] Deribit API - Issue with open positions if trading/traded on options.
[Framework] Trade Bot - Wait After Order.

3.2.29 - July 17th, 2019

[Framework] Deribit API - Unannounced API changes implemented. (TSL/SSL)

3.2.28 - July 12th, 2019

[Framework] Binance API - Lowered the minimum order size in the BTC trading market to 0.0001 BTC
[Framework] Deribit API - Not seeing short position.

3.2.27 - July 12th, 2019

[Framework] Deribit API v2 implemented.
  • Same API keys are working.
  • The contract value of BTC markets changed from 10 to 1.
  • Bots trade amount are adjusted automatically.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - Enter and exit timeouts separated.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - Stop loss cooldown added.
[Framework] InterExchange Arbitrage Bot - Custom fee percentages for backtests.
[Interface] Warning added for exchanges and market with more than 8 price decimal places. Can be disabled in the settings page.
[Framework] Dropped support for CobinHood & CCEX.
[Interface] Trade Bot - Roof in signal mapping.

3.2.26 - June 14th, 2019

[Framework] External Wallet - EOS temporarily disabled.
[Framework] Roof-in Traling - Parameter tooltip text.
[Framework] Login issues for new MacOS users.
[Framework] CandleStick Pattern - SimpleDoubleDown/SimpleDoubleUp
[Framework] Kraken API - Fee credit registered as BTC deposit.
[Framework] Inter-Exchange Arbitrage Bot - Minimum trade amount check.
[Framework] Flash Crash Bot - Loosing open orders after saving an active bot.

3.2.25 - May 17th, 2019

[Framework] OKCoin Com API - Upgrade to v3. 20 new markets. New API keys required.
[Framework] Orderbot - Remembers open orders after restart. Needs one last manually adjustment.
[Framework] Poloniex API - TSL1.2 upgrade.
[Framework] Kraken Futures API - Blocking trades on XRP/XBT markets.
[Framework] Kraken Futures API - Showing Deribit in the error message.
[Framework] OKEX Swap API - Not showing the correct position amount if there are open orders to close that position.
[Framework] Trade Bots - Stop Loss Dynamic in short position triggering directly.
[Framework] Email Bots - Possibly triggering on 1 message, when 2 are required due to timing
[Framework] FlashCrash Bots - Unable to load bots for FlashCrashBot error message.
[Framework] FlashCrash Bots - Not creating orderbook for exponential spread.
[Framework] Flash Crash Bot - Move in/out reversed.
[Framework] MadHatter Bot - Stop loss P/L inconsistency with Current Position P/L.
[Framework] Inter-Exchange Arbitrage Bots - Profit calculating not working.
[Framework] Settings - Applied simulation type not saving.
[Framework] Telegram - Not getting bot reports of CIB or AIB.
[Interface] Dashboard - Text overlapping on normal, spread & change tickers.

3.2.24 - April 19th, 2019

[Framework] Bittrex TLS/SSL fix.
[Framework] Stop Loss (Dynamic) for short position.
[Framework] Price flat lines on Low Power mode
[Framework] BBands %B - Trigger sell above 1.
[Framework] Scaling order widget not placing orders.
[Interface] Order Bot - Add pre-order popup opening after the mouse leaves the chart.

3.2.23 - April 9th, 2019

[Framework] Kraken Futures API implementation
[Framework] BitMEX - Possible flat lines due to connection issues.
[Framework] OKEX Swap - Account not being removed on Mono.
[Framework] OKEX Swap - Minimum trade volume removed.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - Bot being stuck because the cancelled order amount is to low to execute again.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - Profit calculation on margin.
[Interface] Trade Bot - Plot not adding swing chart to MA-Types without pressing refresh.

3.2.22 - March 20th, 2019

[Framework] LocalAPI - Consensus weight support.
[Framework] Zone Recovery Bots - Deribit ETH improvements.
[Framework] Improvements for idle BitMEX & Bitfinex feeds.
[Interface] Order Bot - Dragging lines of open order replaces the order on the exchange.
[Framework] BitMEX - Order parse exception due to native open stop order.
[Framework] Trailing Stop Extension - Email bot not placing orders.
[Framework] Order Bot - Dragging lines of completed order triggered them again.
[Interface] Order Bot - Template manage didn't select correct template in dropdown.
[Interface] Custom bots - Log book not updating.
[Interface] Flash Crash Bot - Move in & move out checkbox.

3.2.21 - March 15th, 2019

[Framework] Deribit - ETH Perpetual supported.
[Framework] OKEX Spot - Unexpected API changes implemented.
[Framework] OKEX Swap - API improvements.
[Framework] Trade Bot - Backtest of Close position safeties improved.
[Framework] Accumulation Bot - Auto activate on restart.
[Interface] Portfolio - Deribit temporary disabled due to new market. Will be enabled next update.
[Framework] KuCoin API - Order verification fix.
[Framework] Trade Bot - Backtest of disabled indicators on spot bots.
[Framework] Trade Bot - Stop loss spot bots.
[Framework] Discord/Telegram - Highest value in the portfolio information.
[Framework] LocalAPI - SetupMadHatterBot not setting leverage.
[Framework] Marketview - Showing not active with certain candle patterns enabled.
[Interface] Trade Bot - Edit C# Script opened HaasScript editor.

3.2.20 - March 4th, 2019

[Framework] OKEX Spot API V3 implementation. New API keys required.
[Framework] OKEX Swap API implementation.
[Framework] HitBTC API improvements.
[Framework] BitMEX leverage options expanded. [Framework] Trade Bot - BBands %W buy and sell thresholds added.
[Framework] Trade Bot - Deactivation safeties are now back-testable.
[Framework] Flash Crash Bot - Auto activate after restart if enabled in main settings. One last manual quick start required.
[Framework] Trade Bot - Trade amount error (resolved) spam in Discord/Telegram.
[Framework] Flash Crash Bot - Amount when using exponential spread.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - Losing open orders due to missing market list.
[Framework] Advanced Orders - Save error when created through the Trade Now.
[Framework] MadHatter Bot - Calculation error.
[Interface] Bot Extensions - Manage indicator save button not working on some occasions.
[Interface] Trade Bot - C# Scripts not saving for margin/leverage bots.
[Interface] Trade Bot - Script indicator not showing data lines when switching scripts.
[Interface] Open orders - Showing invalid N/A origin for orders on simulated accounts just after a restart.
[Interface] Bot Performance Analyzer - Incorrect labels and switch values for leverage.

3.2.19 - February 21st, 2019

[Framework] Kucoin API v2 implementation. New API keys required.
  • No trade history data available through the API from before the exchange update. In order to preserve portfolio data, do not create a new account in HTS, but utilize the change keys functionality.
[Framework] Kraken API - Unexpected API changes implemented.
[Framework] Trade Bot - Using disabled indicators in a backtest.
[Framework] Trade Bot - StochRSI & Kelter Channel signals.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - Duplicate orders after software restart.
[Interface] Trade Bot - Indicator chart style.
[Interface] Trade Bot - Chart not showing with disabled indicators.
[Interface] Bot Analyzer - Gain line on the profit chart.
[Interface] Bot Extensions - Search not working
[Interface] Advanced Orders - Search not working
[Interface] Bot Analyzer Chart - Showing bought text for margin/leverage orders.

3.2.18 - February 8th, 2019

[Framework] Haasonline Websocket Drivers connected for BitMEX and Bitfinex - No public API calls are made. Giving more room to private endpoints. Less likely to get banned. - Faster price, orderbook and trades update. - Less load on the local server & exchange.
[Interface] Bot Completed Trades - 250 trades limit removed in the UI.
[Framework] Trade bot - Backtest result consistency when testing a certain range.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - Deribit swap stuck in settlement cooldown.
[Framework] Advanced Index Bot - Backtest speed for Spider & Flash mode

3.2.17 - February 4th, 2019

[Interface] Bot Performance Analyzer - Jump to date temporarily disabled.
[Framework] OKEX Futures - Short position shown as long.
[Framework] OKEX Futures - Placing orders on the wrong contract for a brief moment after settlement.
[Framework] Trade Bot - Backtest speed.
[Framework] Trade Bot - Dynamic Buy/Sell indicator on higher timeframes.
[Framework] MadHatter Bot - Deactivate bot after stop loss.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - Settlement cooldown added. 30 minutes before settlement, open orders are cancelled and positions are closed.
[Interface] Trade Bot - Bot chart not showing when using scripted indicators.
[Interface] Custom Bot - Search not being case insensitive.
[Interface] Total Balance - Showing 0 values for some accounts.

3.2.16 - January 29th, 2019

[Framework] Trade Bot
  • Stop Loss (Trailing) - Advanced licence only - Not chartable.
  • Roof-In (Trailing) - Advanced licence only - Not chartable.
[Framework] Trade Bot - Indicators
  • Indicator weight feature when consensus mode is enabled. The indicator weight allows for more flexibility on the signal thresholds. For example, it makes it possible to enter on 7 indicators and exit on 3. The weight is defined per indicator and the total weight threshold are located in the Generals Settings tab.
  • Master indicator settings removed. Its replaced by the weight feature. The crown icon will stay visible for 1 version as a reference when adjusting too the indicator weights. It doesn't have any other effects.
  • Use long & short signals text replaced with Use buy & sell signal. The old labels were misleading due to the fact that the signals are disabled before they are mapped to a leverage signal.
[Interface] Trade Bot Chart Update
  • Buy/Sell signals removed from top of the chart.
  • Indicator Agreement Index chart added
  • Indicator Heat Map chart added
  • Indicator Signal chart added
  • Trade annotations in chart added. Hover for more info.
  • Safety order signal on top of the chart
  • Customizable chart settings saved per bot;
  • Interval (up to 30 minutes)
  • Chart style
  • Show volume
  • Show indicator agreement index
  • Show indicator heatmap
  • Show indicator signal chart
[Framework] Advanced Index Bot - Flash Mode.
  • Uses a fixed order size in the base coin amount
  • Does not act as a index.
  • No maximum amount. Keep trading until it cant buy or sell more.
[Framework] Improvements in price tracking & history syncing.
[Framework] Faster load time after login
[Framework] Faster backtest result response for MHB and Trade Bots.
[Framework] Stability improvements for the UI websocket.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - Target prices update for deactivated bots after saving.
[Framework] Flash Crash Bot - Orders in a backtest will be considered completed when the price is breached instead reached.
[Framework] Flash Crash Bot - Better orderbook building for coin with a price below 100 satoshis.
[Framework] Inter-Exchange Arbitrage Bot - No timeout limit order added.
[Framework] Scripted Driver - Interface of IScriptedPosition changed.
[Framework] Trade Bot - Stop loss going short instead of no position
[Framework] Bitfinex Margin - Maximum trade amount.
[Framework] Script Bot - Hanging open orders.
[Framework] Crypto Index Bot - Showing profit with only stop loss orders
[Framework] Local API - Decoding spaces for MACD cross over (among others).
[Framework] Local API - Leverage levels in price market object.
[Interface] Trade Bot - Trade on trendlines not showing the charting tools.
[Interface] Crypto Index Bot - Showing non spot accounts in the dropdown.
[Interface] Advanced Orders - Not adding the correct order type.
[Interface] Settings page - Bitfinex margin dropdown not showing.
[Interface] Bot Groups - New groups not showing without browser refresh.
[Interface] Simulated Account - BitMEX showing double XBT in wallet.
[Interface] Simulated Account - Cross margin position being liquidated as a fixed position.

3.2.15 - January 3rd, 2019

[Framework] OKEX Futures API v3 implemented in preparation of perpetual swap markets. New API keys required.
[Framework] External Wallets - Added BNK, DEB, DGB, DENT, PAX, PLR & REQ
[Interface] Header Widgets - Open Positions shows price ratio.
[Framework] Trade Bot
  • Indicators: Candlestick revision. All patterns will create valid signals. Removed 4 patterns. HikkakeMod, KickingByLength, Piercing & Takuri.
  • Safeties: New! Roof-In (Acts as a reversed stop loss).
  • Safeties: Wizard for helping selecting the correct safety for your trade bot.
  • Insurances: Wizard for helping selecting the correct insurance for your trade bot.
  • Insurances: Absolute Percentage Change improved.
  • Insurances: Price Percentage Change improved.
  • Ability to (temporarily) disable/pause specific safeties, indicators and insurances.
  • Trade amount wizard for helping selecting the correct parameters.
  • Current Position P/L not showing the correct value.
  • Add indicator, safety and insurance popup restyled. More categories and favourite list added.
[Framework] Market Making Bot
  • "Requires spot account" placeholder removed.
  • Table sorting will be remembered after a save action.
[Framework] CobinHood API - Unable to connect due to funds in non-trading wallets.
[Framework] Advanced Index Bot - Not cancelling extra buy orders.
[Framework] MadHatter - P/L based stop loss in backtests.
[Framework] MadHatter - BBands with MAMA MA-Type and long length. [Framework] Market Making Bot - Repeatingly placing stop loss orders.
[Framework] Email Bot - Not ignore 0 values for the safeties.
[Framework] Order Bot - Not recognizing comma's as decimal seperator.
[Framework] Bot Extensions - Manage bot on indicators signal not activating bots.
[Framework] Portfolio - Fiat values for BitMEX & Deribit.
[Framework] Portfolio - OKEX-Futures disabled.

3.2.14 - December 22nd, 2018

[Framework] Bots
  • Profit and fees from bots on leverage will be shown in the currency where they are made.
  • Position liquidation included in leverage backtests.
  • Automatic reload of the scripts dropdowns.
  • Funding rate instead of settlement date shown for perpetual markets. (Updates every 15 minutes)
  • ROI per trade in bot trade popup
[Framework] Market Making Bot
  • Margin support
  • Leverage support
  • Unlimited number of slots per bot.
  • Order size, price offset, reset time & stop loss per slot.
  • Native exchange order support. Useful for market or cancel order types to avoid (higher) fees.
[Framework] Intelli Alice
  • Take Profit
  • Sop Loss
[Framework] MadHatter Bot - Options to select a price based stop loss for margin/leverage trading.
[Framework] Email Bot - Options to select a price based stop loss for margin/leverage trading.
Framework] Script Bot
  • API expansion
  • More intelligent and faster backtests.
[Framework] Bot Extension - Order Persistence - Timeout between retries & max price change from original execution price.
[Framework] Trade Now - Execute advanced order types from the widget. An advanced orders will automatically be created.
[Framework] Portfolio
  • BitMEX supported.
  • Deribit supported.
  • Position profit history
[Framework] Trade Bot - Safeties renamed for consistency.
[Framework] Flash Crash Bot - Move in/out market feature split in move in and move out.
[Interface] Dashboard - Personal trade history widgets implement the new sortable tables.
[Framework] Indicators with long or short length of 1 not working properly.

3.2.12 - December 5th, 2018

[Framework] Cobinhood API integration.
[Framework] Wex support removed
[Framework] Coinbase Pro - Size is to accurate error.
[Framework] Bot Extension - Trailing Stop on MHB Leverage.
[Interface] Bot Extension - List not showing any extensions.

3.2.11 - November 15th, 2018

[Framework] Maximum trade amount available for all licence types.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - More intelligent backtest.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - Can not update due to open order messages removed from log.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - Reset timeout countdown added in the logs.
[Interface] Bot Extensions - Trailing stop not opening or adding bots in the UI.
[Interface] Orderbot - Dragging chart opens order popup.

3.2.10 - November 9th, 2018

[Framework] Flash Crash Bot - Backtest speed improvement.
[Framework] MadHatter Bot - Backtest speed improvement.
[Framework] Fee cost in backtests on some bots.
[Framework] Local API - API request duration.
[Interface] Advanced Orders - Log book.
[Interface] Bot Extensions - Log book.

3.2.9 - November 7th, 2018

[Interface] Loading dashboard

3.2.8 - November 7th, 2018

[Framework] Ionomy API integration
[Framework] Threads optimization for out of memory crashes.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - Fee costs fix.
[Interface] Advanced Index Bot - Wiki links from full screen.
[Interface] Crypto Index Bot - Export functionality.
[Interface] Bots - Strange looking bot log after restart.

3.2.7 - October 30th, 2018

[Interface] Advanced Index Bot dashboard widget enabled.
[Framework] BitMEX API changes implemented
[Framework] OKEX websocket temporary disabled.
[Framework] OKEX-Futures websocket temporary disabled.
[Framework] GDAX price & amount decimals for ZRX markets.

3.2.6 - October 24th, 2018

[Framwork] Deribit - Native "Post only" supported.
[Framework] Advanced Index Bot
  • Full screen mode
  • Detailed information
  • Rebalance interval
  • Index based on market cap.
  • Index based on total USD volume.
  • Preserve base index.
  • Trailing Stop
  • 3rd Rebalance options - Spider Mode. Combines the power the index bot with the Market Making and Flash Crash Bot.
[Interface] Dashboard Widgets
  • Bot Trades
  • Advanced Index Bot - Distribution
  • Advanced Index Bot - Orderbook
  • Advanced Index Bot - Profit Table
  • Advanced Index Bot - Trades per coin
[Framework] KuCoin faster order verification.
[Framework] Trade Bots - Take profit enabled for margin & leverage.
Framework] Trade Bots - Take loss enabled for margin & leverage.
[Interface] Bot log book - Severity and text color highlights added for warnings and errors.
[Interface] Flash Crash Bot - Pressing the backtest button in full screen mode will open the bot remote.
[Interface] MadHatter Bot - Pressing the backtest button in full screen mode will open the bot remote.
[Interface] Trend Lines Bot - Pressing the backtest button in full screen mode will open the bot remote.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - Not placing orders after activation.
[Interface] Trade Bots - Use sell signal text
Interface] Dashboard - Bot widget showing leverage position instead of spot.
[Interface] Saving of Bitfinex margin trade markets
[Interface] Dashboard Scaling Orders - Saving input fields.
[Interface] Flash Crash Bot - Full screen mode not showing correct data/chart.

3.2.5 - October 15th, 2018

[Framework] Crypto Index Bot
  • New profit calculation. More balanced and detailed.
  • Expanded profit per index details inside the Bot Performance Analyzer
[Framework] Dashboard
  • Crypto Index Bot - Profit per index table
  • Basic price chart - Plot open orders feature.
    [Framework] Bot Extensions
  • Order Persistence extension.
  • Deactivation of the extension is now optional.
  • Ability to move funds while activating/deactivating the bots.
[Framework] Order Bot
  • Draggable popup for pre-orders.
  • Maximum sell price and minimum buy price added for template injection.
[Interface] Bots - Current position P/L added below the ROI.
[Interface] Trade & Custom Bots - Tooltip information for every single input field.
[Framework] Dashboard
  • Scaling order widget enabled.
  • Trade & custom bot widgets small update.
    • Total fee cost removed.
    • ROI added.
    • Icons aligned
    • Order amounts capped on 4 decimals. Full amount in the tooltip. Order amount below 0.0001 will be rounded to 0.0001.
[Interface] Trade Bots - Tooltip with additional information added for every input field.
[Framework] Bitfinex Margin - Wallet information.
[Framework] Deribit - Profit loss ratio.
[Framework] Crypto Index Bot - Spamming orders when there are not enough funds to buy more.
[Framework] Trailing Stop extension - Not correctly triggering for bots in a long position
[Interface] Bot Performance - Unable to change chart interval.

3.2.4 - October 1st, 2018

[Framework] UI not loading after login.
[Framework] MadHatter Bot - Ignore max loss when set on 0.
[Framework] Email Bot - Removing a duplicate message on a second line.

3.2.3 - September 24th, 2018

[Framework] Trade Bot
  • Take profit safety (spot only).
  • Take loss safety (spot only).
  • Market information (fee, decimals, min. amount & min. volume)
[Framework] Custom Bots
  • Email Bot - Order template per action.
  • Email Bot - Stop loss order template.
  • MadHatter Bot - Margin & leverage supported.
  • Order Bot - Margin & leverage supported.
  • Trend Lines Bot - Short stop loss supported
  • All-in & Max Trade Amount options added for Email, Alice, MadHatter, Ping Pong, Scalper & TrendLines Bots.
  • Switch position with order option added for Email, Alice, MadHatter, Ping Pong, Scalper & TrendLines Bots when active.
  • Market information (fee, amount decimals, min. amount & min. volume)
  • Wallet information
[Framework] Bot Extension
  • Activate or deactivate bots on indicator signals.
  • Disable trade bot after specific safety has triggered.
  • Panic Extension - Move funds from bots to a certain position
[Framework] Bot Performance Analyzer
  • Page settings saved between sessions.
  • Exportable "Results per currency" table for index bots.
[Framework] Advanced Orders
  • Market information (fee, decimals, min. amount & min. volume)
  • Wallet information
[Framework] Portfolio
  • Page settings saved between sessions.
  • Tab-based layout and more responsive.
  • Export to CSV for all tables.
  • Assets trend information
  • Trade volume per market table
  • Balance per day report
  • Balance change per day chart
[Framework] Dashboard Widgets
  • Portfolio assets trend information
  • Portfolio balance per day report
  • Portfolio balance change per day chart
  • Portfolio trade volume per market table
  • Bot List Widget
[Interface] Bot List
  • Sortable & exportable tables.
  • Simple and Detailed overview.
  • Simple overview grouped on bot type, group or a single list.
  • Filter on activation status, ROI, account & group.
  • Mass bot modifications. Activate, deactivate, set group, clear & delete.
  • Bot errors added.
  • Bot last trade timestamp added.
[Interface] Market View
  • Autocomplete search for markets.
  • Favourite markets menu
[Interface] Platform Information
  • Minumum trade amount & volume per market
  • Sortable tables
  • Adviced VPS location
[Interface] External Wallet
  • Sortable table
[Interface] UI
  • Favourite markets in market dropdowns.
  • A sticky search field in dropdowns.
[Framework] OKEX Spot - Fee raised to 0.15%.
[Framework] Bot backtests start on default in a sold/no position.
[Framework] Faster load time for portfolio dashboard widgets.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - Don't read own orders as first in the order book.
[Interface] Custom Bots - More responsive layout.
[Interface] Crypto Index Bot - Sortable, responsive table.
[Interface] Email Bot - Sortable, responsive table.
[Interface] Order Bot - Sortable, responsive table.
[Interface] Dashboard - Sortable tables for bulk information widgets.
[Interface] Bot Manager widget deprecated.
[Interface] Orderbook page deprecated.
[Interface] Open orders & position page deprecated.
[Framework] Trade Bot - Master indicator signals.
[Framework] Script Bot - Set Parameters.
[Framework] Crypto Index Bot - Better handling of partially filled orders.
[Framework] Crypto Index Bot - Amount precision error for KuCoin.
[Framework] Deribit - Fee percentage for Perpetuals.

3.2.2 - September 3rd, 2018

[Framework] BitMEX - Maximum position amount, fees & high value wallet error.
[Framework] OKEX-Futures - Fees.
[Framework] Bots - Registered order amount for BitMEX.
[Framework] Bot Extension Trailing Stop - Deactivating bot after stop has been executed.
[Framework] Bot Extension Take Profit - Reversed log message when price is above or below trigger price.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - Startup error.
[Interface] Market Making Bot - Not showing trade amount error
[Interface] Bot Extensions - Logbook not updating.

3.2.1 - August 22nd, 2018

[Framework] Trade Bot - Candle Pattern supported for margin & leverage.
[Framework] Coinbase Pro - Fee adjusted
[Framework] Coinbase Pro - API changes implemented.
[Framework] Bots - Fee costs for opening positions.
[Framework] Trade Bots - Faster backtest for margin/leverage bots.
[Framework] Advanced Orders - Wallet check before placing orders.
[Framework] Bots - Fee costs in bot trades for simulated accounts when using custom fee percentage.
[Framework] BitMEX - Trade amount error for ETH/USD Swap
[Framework] BitMEX - Trade amount error for cross-margin
[Framework] Deribit - Trade amount error for cross-margin
[Framework] Trade Bot - Candlestick Indicator with a delay.
[Framework] Trade Bot - Indicator chart flat lines.
[Framework] Market Making Bot - Stuck/Not updating.
[Framework] Bot Extensions - Trailing Stop triggering an exit short directly and multiple times.
[Framework] Bot Groups - Cloned bot not showing.
[Interface] Bot Performance Analyzer - Multi indicator chart not loading.
[Interface] Advanced Orders - Wrong order template selected when opened.

3.1.17 - Jul 27th, 2018

[Framework] Trade Bots - Stuck bots with max trade amount settings.
[Framework] Trade Bots - Haas Script settings after restart.
[Framework] Bot Extensions - Trailing Stop triggering without it being active.

3.1.16 - July 24th, 2018

[Framework] Trade Bots - HaasScriptSafety & -Indicator signal mapping.
[Framework] Custom Bots - Scalper bot (and others) trade amount error.
[Framework] Advanced Orders - Settings save after clone.

3.1.15 - July 23rd, 2018

[Framework] Accounts - Changing API keys of existing accounts.
[Framework] Advanced Orders - No timeout limit order added.
[Framework] Crypto Index Bot - All default, native and custom templates allowed.
[Framework] Email Bot - All default, native and custom templates allowed.
[Framework] MadHatter Bots - All default, native and custom templates allowed.
[Framework] Scalper Bot - All default, native and custom templates allowed.
[Framework] Trend Lines Bots - All default, native and custom templates allowed.
[Framework] Trade Bot Indicator - Tom Demark shows the candle count in the chart.
[Framework] AUD added as for fiat conversion of the total balance, portfolio page and widgets. [Interface] Advanced Orders - Wiki buttons [Interface] Bot Extensions - Wiki buttons
[Framework] Coinbase Pro - Native "Stop" order template removed.
[Framework] Dashboard - Spread widget temporary disabled.
[Interface] GDAX rebranded to Coinbase Pro [Interface] Advanced Orders - Current market price information added.
[Interface] Trade Now - Faster current market price information added.
[Interface] Flash Crash Bot - Faster current market price information added.
[Interface] Market Making Bot - Faster current market price information added.
[Interface] Inter-Exchange Arbitrage Bot - Faster current market price information added.
[Framework] Coinbase Pro - Order verification.
[Framework] HitBTC - Amount increments.
[Framework] Kraken - Minimum trade amount BTC/USD.
[Framework] Counter for the CPU load warning.
[Framework] Bot logbook - Expanded from 200 to 500 lines.
[Framework] Trade Bot Safeties - Dynamic safety types bug fixed.
[Framework] Trade Bot Safeties - HaasScript Safety ExitPosition() didn't react for margin/leverage.
[Framework] Trade Bot Indicator - Bollinger Bands fix for margin/leverage.
[Framework] Portfolio - Export of total overviews.
[Interface] Script Editor - Full-screen toggle.
[Interface] Trend Lines Bot - Price annotation while drawing lines.
[Interface] Stuck progress bar messages for backtests.

3.1.14 - July 4th, 2018

[Framework] BitMEX API - native "Market or Cancel" order type added.
[Framework] Advanced Orders.
[Framework] Advanced Orders - Stop.
[Framework] Advanced Orders - Take Profit.
[Framework] Advanced Orders - Trailing Stop (Simple and up).
[Framework] Bot Extensions - Trailing Stop.
[Framework] Push notification to UI, Discord and/or Telegram when a new update is available.