Stable Release

3.3.12 - March 27th, 2020


[Framework] Binance Futures Cross-margin support.

[Framework] HaasScript - ParseCSV command.

[Framework] HaasScript - ParseJSON command.

[Interface] HaasBots - Position identifier column for position tables.


[Framework] OKEX Swap profit calculation improved for USDT markets.

[Framework] Mono stability improved

3.3.9 - January 13th, 2020


[Framework] HaasLabs - Your personal backtest center for HaasScripts.

[Framework] Parse() command for HaasScript.

[Framework] HaasBot Discord & Telegram notifications

- Activation

- Order execution

- Safety order execution

- Closed positions

[Framework] ByBit API Support.

[Framework] Bitpanda API Support.


[Framework] HaasBot updates 5 seconds after a completed order if high speeds is enabled.

3.3.4 - October 29th, 2019


[Framework] Upgraded HaasScript

[Framework] Enhanced version of the Script Editor.

[Framework] New Visual Editor powered by HaasScript.

[Framework] Custom, reusable, commands for in the Script & Visual Editor.

[Framework] HaasBots. The bot for your custom scripts.

[Framework] HaasScript

- 4 new command available. SignalsToLog, PositionToBool, LastLongProfit & LastShortProfit.

- Delay parameter added to the SignalProperties command.

- MapNoneTo parameter added to the SignalMapper command.

- Bug: EasySAR plotting circles instead of lines.

[Framework] Visual Editor

- Continuation connector for commands with void as return type. Available in the context menu.

- 2 new interactive guides: Flow Control & Working with signals.

- Interactive guides can step back now.

- Internal clipboard added. Hold up to 10 copied selections.

- Paste is available in the context menu of the background.

- Ctrl/Cmd + V paste the last copy to the last mouse click position.

- Collapse groups of settings in the menu.

- Command search improved. GPA will suggest GetPositionAmount.

- Bug: Comma doesn't work as decimal separator.

- Bug: Main context menu not opening.

- Bug: Opacity parameter not working like intended on colors.

[Interface] HaasBots

- Collapse groups of settings in the menu.

- Exposed bots in Discord and Telegram.

- Collapse groups of settings.

- Script error icon added.

- Save button will always be in view.

[Interface] Script Editor

- Intelli-Sense improved. GPA will suggest GetPositionAmount.

- Collapse groups of settings in the menu.

- Bug: Errors on empty rows after copy-pasting ffrom certain sources.

[Framework] HaasScript Chart

- Rendering speed optimized for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge among others.

- Ability to zoom out a lot further on the chart.

[Interface] Multiple memory leaks found and patched.

[Framework] Bittrex API V3. (Old API keys are still working)

[Framework] Binance Futures API Support

Note: API Keys before the launch are not compatible with Futures. Keys made after the launch are, after enabeling futures on

[Framework] API Support

[Framework] HaasScript - Candle Up/Down patterns.

[Framework] HaasScript Commands

- InputSignalManagement()

- IsPositionClosed()

- Not() / NotEquals()


[Framework] Trade Bots using HaasScript safeties/indicators/insurances will no longer work.

[Framework] Simulated accounts on margin/leverage can no longer have both a long and short position open at the same time. Only OKEX-Futures is allowed to have 2 positions.

[Framework] IScriptMarket requires an UnderlyingCurrency property. This is, for example, XBT on BitMEX, BTC or ETH in Deribit and BTC on Bitfinex.

[Framework] Kucoin trade history endpoint switch.

[Framework] HaasScript - Table input improvements.

[Framework] NovaExchange no longer supported.

3.2.33 - August 7th, 2019


[Framework] All Bitfinex Margin markets are tradable now, no more limitations.


[Interface] Settings Page - Bitfinex margin tab removed.

[Interface] Dashboard - Removed Deribit & KrakenFutures account options.

[Framework] Bitstamp Websocket v2


[Interface] Supressed decimal warning when another popup is open.

[Interface] Settings Page - Bitfinex margin tab removed.

[Interface] Dashboard - Removed Deribit & KrakenFutures account options.

[Framework] KuCoin API upgraded to TLS 1.2

[Framework] Gemini market details updated.

[Framework] Bitfinex markets sorted.

[Framework] Kraken Futures - API changed implemented that blocked order verification.

3.2.29 - July 17th, 2019


[Framework] Deribit API v2 implemented.

  • Same API keys are working.

  • The contract value of BTC markets changed from 10 to 1.

  • Bots trade amount are adjusted automatically.

[Framework] Market Making Bot - Enter and exit timeouts separated.

[Framework] Market Making Bot - Stop loss cooldown added.

[Framework] InterExchange Arbitrage Bot - Custom fee percentages for backtests.

‌[Interface] Warning added for exchanges and market with more than 8 price decimal places. Can be disabled in the settings page.


‌[Framework] External Wallet - EOS temporarily disabled.

[Framework] Roof-in Traling - Parameter tooltip text.

[Framework] Dropped support for CobinHood & CCEX.

‌[Interface] Trade Bot - Roof in signal mapping.

[Framework] Binance API - Lowered the minimum order size in the BTC trading market to 0.0001 BTC

3.2.25 - May 21st, 2018


[Framework] Kraken Futures API implementation

[Framework] OKCoin Com API - Upgrade to v3. 20 new markets. New API keys required.

[Framework] Orderbot - Remembers open orders after restart. Needs one last manually adjustment.


[Framework] Poloniex API - TSL1.2 upgrade.

3.2.22 - March 25th, 2018


[Framework] LocalAPI - Consensus weight support.

[Framework] Deribit - ETH Perpetual supported.

[Framework] OKEX Spot API V3 implementation. New API keys required.

[Framework] OKEX Swap API implementation.

[Framework] Kucoin API v2 implementation. New API keys required.

  • No trade history data available through the API from before the exchange update. In order to preserve portfolio data, do not create a new account in HTS, but utilize the change keys functionality.

[Framework] Haasonline Websocket Drivers connected for BitMEX and Bitfinex - No public API calls are made. Giving more room to private endpoints. Less likely to get banned. - Faster price, orderbook and trades update. - Less load on the local server & exchange.

[Framework] Trade Bot

  • Stop Loss (Trailing) - Advanced licence only - Not chartable.

  • Roof-In (Trailing) - Advanced licence only - Not chartable.

[Framework] Trade Bot - Indicators

  • Indicator weight feature when consensus mode is enabled. The indicator weight allows for more flexibility on the signal thresholds. For example, it makes it possible to enter on 7 indicators and exit on 3. The weight is defined per indicator and the total weight threshold are located in the Generals Settings tab.

  • Master indicator settings removed. Its replaced by the weight feature. The crown icon will stay visible for 1 version as a reference when adjusting too the indicator weights. It doesn’t have any other effects.

  • Use long & short signals text replaced with Use buy & sell signal. The old labels were misleading due to the fact that the signals are disabled before they are mapped to a leverage signal.

[Interface] Trade Bot Chart Update

  • Buy/Sell signals removed from top of the chart.

  • Indicator Agreement Index chart added

  • Indicator Heat Map chart added

  • Indicator Signal chart added

  • Trade annotations in chart added. Hover for more info.

  • Safety order signal on top of the chart

  • Customizable chart settings saved per bot;

  • Interval (up to 30 minutes)

  • Chart style

  • Show volume

  • Show indicator agreement index

  • Show indicator heatmap

  • Show indicator signal chart

[Framework] Advanced Index Bot - Flash Mode.

  • Uses a fixed order size in the base coin amount

  • Does not act as a index.

  • No maximum amount. Keep trading until it cant buy or sell more.

[Framework] OKEX Futures API v3 implemented in preparation of perpetual swap markets. New API keys required.

[Framework] External Wallets - Added BNK, DEB, DGB, DENT, PAX, PLR & REQ

[Interface] Header Widgets - Open Positions shows price ratio.

[Framework] Trade Bot

  • Indicators: Candlestick revision. All patterns will create valid signals. Removed 4 patterns. HikkakeMod, KickingByLength, Piercing & Takuri.

  • Safeties: New! Roof-In (Acts as a reversed stop loss).

  • Safeties: Wizard for helping selecting the correct safety for your trade bot.

  • Insurances: Wizard for helping selecting the correct insurance for your trade bot.

  • Insurances: Absolute Percentage Change improved.

  • Insurances: Price Percentage Change improved.

  • Ability to (temporarily) disable/pause specific safeties, indicators and insurances.

  • Trade amount wizard for helping selecting the correct parameters.

  • Current Position P/L not showing the correct value.

  • Add indicator, safety and insurance popup restyled. More categories and favorite list added.

[Framework] Bots

  • Profit and fees from bots on leverage will be shown in the currency where they are made.

  • Position liquidation included in leverage backtests.

  • Automatic reload of the scripts dropdowns.

  • Funding rate instead of settlement date shown for perpetual markets. (Updates every 15 minutes)

  • ROI per trade in bot trade popup

[Framework] Market Making Bot

  • Margin support

  • Leverage support

  • Unlimited number of slots per bot.

  • Order size, price offset, reset time & stop loss per slot.

  • Native exchange order support. Useful for market or cancel order types to avoid (higher) fees.

[Framework] Intelli Alice

  • Take Profit

  • Sop Loss

[Framework] MadHatter Bot - Options to select a price based stop loss for margin/leverage trading.

[Framework] Email Bot - Options to select a price based stop loss for margin/leverage trading.

Framework] Script Bot

  • API expansion

  • More intelligent and faster backtests.

[Framework] Bot Extension - Order Persistence - Timeout between retries & max price change from original execution price.

[Framework] Trade Now - Execute advanced order types from the widget. An advanced orders will automatically be created.

[Framework] Portfolio

  • BitMEX supported.

  • Deribit supported.

  • Position profit history

[Framework] Cobinhood API integration.


[Framework] Zone Recovery Bots - Deribit ETH improvements.

[Framework] Improvements for idle BitMEX & Bitfinex feeds.

[Interface] Order Bot - Dragging lines of open order replaces the order on the exchange.

[Framework] OKEX Spot - Unexpected API changes implemented.

[Framework] OKEX Swap - API improvements.

[Framework] Trade Bot - Backtest of Close position safeties improved.

[Framework] Accumulation Bot - Auto activate on restart.

[Interface] Portfolio - Deribit temporary disabled due to new market. Will be enabled next update.

[Framework] HitBTC API improvements.

[Framework] BitMEX leverage options expanded. [Framework] Trade Bot - BBands %W buy and sell thresholds added.

[Framework] Trade Bot - Deactivation safeties are now backtestable.

[Framework] Flash Crash Bot - Auto activate after restart if enabled in main settings. One last manual quick start required.

[Interface] Bot Completed Trades - 250 trades limit removed in the UI.

[Interface] Bot Performance Analyzer - Jump to date temporarily disabled.

[Framework] Improvements in price tracking & history syncing.

[Framework] Faster load time after login

[Framework] Faster backtest result response for MHB and Trade Bots.

[Framework] Stability improvements for the UI websocket.

[Framework] Market Making Bot - Target prices update for deactivated bots after saving.

[Framework] Flash Crash Bot - Orders in a backtest will be considered completed when the price is breached instead reached.

[Framework] Flash Crash Bot - Better orderbook building for coin with a price below 100 satoshis.

[Framework] Inter-Exchange Arbitrage Bot - No timeout limit order added.

[Framework] Scripted Driver - Interface of IScriptedPosition changed.

[Framework] Market Making Bot

  • "Requires spot account" placeholder removed.

  • Table sorting will be remembered after a save action.

[Framework] Trade Bot - Safeties renamed for consistency.

[Framework] Flash Crash Bot - Move in/out market feature split in move in and move out.

[Interface] Dashboard - Personal trade history widgets implement the new sortable tables.

[Framework] Wex support removed

3.2.11 - November 21st, 2018


[Framework] Ionomy API integration

[Framwork] Deribit - Native "Post only" supported.

[Framework] Advanced Index Bot

  • Full screen mode

  • Detailed information

  • Rebalance interval

  • Index based on market cap.

  • Index based on total USD volume.

  • Preserve base index.

  • Trailing Stop

  • 3rd Rebalance options - Spider Mode. Combines the power the index bot with the Market Making and Flash Crash Bot.

[Framework] Crypto Index Bot

  • New profit calculation. More balanced and detailed.

  • Expanded profit per index details inside the Bot Performance Analyzer

[Framework] Dashboard

  • Crypto Index Bot - Profit per index table

  • Basic price chart - Plot open orders feature.

[Framework] Bot Extensions

  • Order Persistence extension.

  • Deactivation of the extension is now optional.

  • Ability to move funds while activating/deactivating the bots.

[Framework] Order Bot

  • Draggable popup for pre-orders.

  • Maximum sell price and minimum buy price added for template injection.

[Framework] Trade Bot

  • Take profit safety (spot only).

  • Take loss safety (spot only).

  • Market information (fee, decimals, min. amount & min. volume)

[Framework] Custom Bots

  • Email Bot - Order template per action.

  • Email Bot - Stop loss order template.

  • MadHatter Bot - Margin & leverage supported.

  • Order Bot - Margin & leverage supported.

  • Trend Lines Bot - Short stop loss supported

  • All-in & Max Trade Amount options added for Email, Alice, MadHatter, Ping Pong, Scalper & TrendLines Bots.

  • Switch position with order option added for Email, Alice, MadHatter, Ping Pong, Scalper & TrendLines Bots when active.

  • Market information (fee, amount decimals, min. amount & min. volume)

  • Wallet information

[Framework] Bot Extension

  • Activate or deactivate bots on indicator signals.

  • Disable trade bot after specific safety has triggered.

  • Panic Extension - Move funds from bots to a certain position

[Framework] Bot Performance Analyzer

  • Page settings saved between sessions.

  • Exportable "Results per currency" table for index bots.

[Framework] Advanced Orders

  • Market information (fee, decimals, min. amount & min. volume)

  • Wallet information

[Framework] Portfolio

  • Page settings saved between sessions.

  • Tab-based layout and more responsive.

  • Export to CSV for all tables.

  • Assets trend information

  • Trade volume per market table

  • Balance per day report

  • Balance change per day chart

[Framework] Dashboard Widgets

  • Portfolio assets trend information

  • Portfolio balance per day report

  • Portfolio balance change per day chart

  • Portfolio trade volume per market table

  • Bot List Widget

[Framework] Trade Bot - Candle Pattern supported for margin & leverage.

[Interface] Dashboard Widgets

  • Bot Trades

  • Advanced Index Bot - Distribution

  • Advanced Index Bot - Orderbook

  • Advanced Index Bot - Profit Table

  • Advanced Index Bot - Trades per coin

[Interface] Bots - Current position P/L added below the ROI.

[Interface] Trade & Custom Bots - Tooltip information for every single input field.

[Interface] Bot List

  • Sortable & exportable tables.

  • Simple and Detailed overview.

  • Simple overview grouped on bot type, group or a single list.

  • Filter on activation status, ROI, account & group.

  • Mass bot modifications. Activate, deactivate, set group, clear & delete.

  • Bot errors added.

  • Bot last trade timestamp added.

[Interface] Market View

  • Autocomplete search for markets.

  • Favourite markets menu

[Interface] Platform Information

  • Minimum trade amount & volume per market

  • Sortable tables

  • Advised VPS location

[Interface] External Wallet

  • Sortable table

[Interface] UI

  • Favourite markets in market dropdowns.

  • A sticky search field in dropdowns.


[Framework] Maximum trade amount available for all licence types.

[Framework] Market Making Bot - More intelligent backtest.

[Framework] Market Making Bot - Cannot update due to open order messages removed from log.

[Framework] Market Making Bot - Reset timeout countdown added in the logs.

[Framework] Flash Crash Bot - Backtest speed improvement.

[Framework] MadHatter Bot - Backtest speed improvement.

[Framework] KuCoin faster order verification.

[Framework] Trade Bots - Take profit enabled for margin & leverage.

[Framework] Trade Bots - Take loss enabled for margin & leverage.

[Framework] Dashboard

  • Scaling order widget enabled.

  • Trade & custom bot widgets small update.

    • Total fee cost removed.

    • ROI added.

    • Icons aligned

    • Order amounts capped on 4 decimals. Full amount in the tooltip. Order amount below 0.0001 will be rounded to 0.0001.

[Framework] OKEX Spot - Fee raised to 0.15%.

[Framework] Bot backtests start on default in a sold/no position.

[Framework] Faster load time for portfolio dashboard widgets.

[Framework] Market Making Bot - Don't read own orders as first in the order book.

[Framework] Coinbase Pro - Fee adjusted

[Framework] Coinbase Pro - API changes implemented.

[Framework] Bots - Fee costs for opening positions.

[Framework] Trade Bots - Faster backtest for margin/leverage bots.

[Framework] Advanced Orders - Wallet check before placing orders.

[Interface] Advanced Index Bot dashboard widget enabled.

[Interface] Bot log book - Severity and text color highlights added for warnings and errors.

[Interface] Flash Crash Bot - Pressing the backtest button in full screen mode will open the bot remote.

[Interface] MadHatter Bot - Pressing the backtest button in full screen mode will open the bot remote.

[Interface] Trend Lines Bot - Pressing the backtest button in full screen mode will open the bot remote.

[Interface] Trade Bots - Tooltip with additional information added for every input field.

[Interface] Custom Bots - More responsive layout.

[Interface] Crypto Index Bot - Sortable, responsive table.

[Interface] Email Bot - Sortable, responsive table.

[Interface] Order Bot - Sortable, responsive table.

[Interface] Dashboard - Sortable tables for bulk information widgets.

[Interface] Bot Manager widget deprecated.

[Interface] Orderbook page deprecated.

[Interface] Open orders & position page deprecated.


[Framework] Fee cost in backtests on some bots.

[Framework] Local API - API request duration.

[Framework] Threads optimization for out of memory crashes.

[Framework] Market Making Bot - Fee costs fix.

[Framework] BitMEX API changes implemented

[Framework] OKEX websocket temporary disabled.

[Framework] OKEX-Futures websocket temporary disabled.

[Framework] GDAX price & amount decimals for ZRX markets.

[Framework] Market Making Bot - Not placing orders after activation.

[Framework] Bitfinex Margin - Wallet information.

[Framework] Deribit - Profit loss ratio.

[Framework] Crypto Index Bot - Spamming orders when there are not enough funds to buy more.

[Framework] Trailing Stop extension - Not correctly triggering for bots in a long position

[Framework] UI not loading after login.

[Framework] MadHatter Bot - Ignore max loss when set on 0.

[Framework] Email Bot - Removing a duplicate message on a second line.

[Framework] Trade Bot - Master indicator signals.

[Framework] Script Bot - Set Parameters.

[Framework] Crypto Index Bot - Better handling of partially filled orders.

[Framework] Crypto Index Bot - Amount precision error for KuCoin.

[Framework] Deribit - Fee percentage for Perpetuals.

[Framework] BitMEX - Maximum position amount, fees & high value wallet error.

[Framework] OKEX-Futures - Fees.

[Framework] Bots - Registered order amount for BitMEX.

[Framework] Bot Extension Trailing Stop - Deactivating bot after stop has been executed.

[Framework] Bot Extension Take Profit - Reversed log message when price is above or below trigger price.

[Framework] Market Making Bot - Startup error.

[Framework] Bots - Fee costs in bot trades for simulated accounts when using custom fee percentage.

[Framework] BitMEX - Trade amount error for ETH/USD Swap

[Framework] BitMEX - Trade amount error for cross-margin

[Framework] Deribit - Trade amount error for cross-margin

[Framework] Trade Bot - Candlestick Indicator with a delay.

[Framework] Trade Bot - Indicator chart flat lines.

[Framework] Market Making Bot - Stuck/Not updating.

[Framework] Bot Extensions - Trailing Stop triggering an exit short directly and multiple times.

[Framework] Bot Groups - Cloned bot not showing.

[Interface] Bot Extensions - Trailing stop not opening or adding bots in the UI.

[Interface] Orderbot - Dragging chart opens order popup.

[Interface] Advanced Orders - Log book.

[Interface] Bot Extensions - Log book.

[Interface] Loading dashboard

[Interface] Advanced Index Bot - Wiki links from full screen.

[Interface] Crypto Index Bot - Export functionality.

[Interface] Bots - Strange looking bot log after restart.

[Interface] Trade Bots - Use sell signal text

[Interface] Dashboard - Bot widget showing leverage position instead of spot.

[Interface] Saving of Bitfinex margin trade markets

[Interface] Dashboard Scaling Orders - Saving input fields.

[Interface] Flash Crash Bot - Full screen mode not showing correct data/chart.

[Interface] Bot Performance - Unable to change chart interval.

[Interface] Market Making Bot - Not showing trade amount error

[Interface] Bot Extensions - Logbook not updating.

[Interface] Bot Performance Analyzer - Multi indicator chart not loading.

[Interface] Advanced Orders - Wrong order template selected when opened.

3.2.0 - August 9th, 2018


[Framework] Beginner licence - 10 active bots.

[Framework] Simple licence - 20 active bots.

[Framework] Beginner licence - Trade & Advanced orders Local API excluded.


[Framework] BitMEX - Fee percentage

[Framework] Bitfinex Margin - Fee costs for non USD markets.

[Framework] Coinbase Pro - Above 100 open orders.

[Framework] Crypto Index Bot - Outdated wallet block on simulated accounts.

[Framework] Crypto Index Bot - Replacing stop loss order after cancellation.

[Framework] Flash Crash Bot - Placing order at 0 price.