Accumulation Bot

Slowly get into position with DCA

How does it work?

The Accumulation bot can be used to increase or decrease your position in a spot market. It will execute market orders as well as randomize the order size and time between orders to mask your position or to get in the position "dollar-cost-average"-style. After the stop trigger is hit (max amount or timer), the bot automatically deactivate itself. The bot can be used to slowly or quickly get into a position with minor controlled slippage.

Guided Tour

Accumulation Bot Overview

Supported licence & Trade types

Supported Licence
Supported Trade Types
Beginner licence
Spot trading
Simple licence
Advanced licence



Create a unique name for your bot.


Select the account on which the bot should run.


Select which market this bot should run on.

Accumulated So Far

Total coins accumulated so far.

Next Market Order

Next time a market order is executed.

Order Direction

Direction of the order. Buy or Sell.

Stop Trigger

The stop trigger lets you decide how the bot determines when it has finished. You can configure the bot to stop after a set amount of time, or after it has accumulated your desired amount of coins. There are 2 stop trigger options.
  • Max amount
  • Timer

Maximum Total Amount

Set the total amount of coins you want to accumulate. Required when using "Max amount" as stop trigger.

Stop Accumulating After

Stop accumulating after the specified number of minutes. Required when using "Timer" as stop trigger.

Minimum Order Size

The smallest amount the bot is permitted to buy or sell per order.

Maximum Order Size

The largest amount the bot is allowed to buy or sell per order.

Minimum Time Between Orders

The minimum amount of time that can pass between consecutive orders

Maximum Time Between Orders

The maximum amount of time that can pass between consecutive orders.

Start Trigger

The start trigger allows you to either start the bot immediately or specify a price point and allow the bot to activate automatically once the market has reached your desired price point
Accumulation Bot