Email Bot

Hookup your favorite TradingView alert and trade on them!

How does it work?

The Email Bot will trade based on received emails. If the subject or message contains a defined message the bot will execute the corresponding action. This action will only be allowed to execute when the bots coin/funds position is on the opposite side. The bot can handle an unlimited amount of actions from one or multiple sources.
This bot is unable to backtest strategies

Guided Tour

Email Bot Overview

Supported licence & Trade types

Supported Licence
Supported Trade Types
Beginner licence
Spot trading
Simple licence
Margin trading
Advanced licence
Leverage trading



Create a unique name for your bot.


Select the account on which the bot should run.


Select which market this bot should run on.


Specify the leverage for the bot.

Coin Position

Select the coin where the funds are located at this moment.

Funds Position

Select the current funds position. No Position is when you do not have any Long or Short Positions. Should be used as the start of any trade bot unless you manually opened a position

Trade Amount Type

HTS supports 3 types of trade amount options.
  1. 1.
    The static option uses a fixed amount where the sell amount is adjusted for fees.
  2. 2.
    All-in uses 99% of the available coins.
  3. 3.
    With maximum amount the bot will use what’s available in the wallet with a maximum of X coins.

Trade Amount

How much the bot has to trade with.

Actual Trade Amount

The current trade amount after corrections.

Stop Loss Template

This template will be used when the bot executes a stop-loss order.


Fee percentage of the bot. Only used in backtests and for bots running on simulated accounts.

Safety Parameters

Spot Trading

Min Price Change to Buy

Minimum price change required before buy orders are executed.

Min Price Change to Sell

Minimum price change required before sell orders are executed.

Stop Loss (%)

The maximum percentage the price is allowed to drop before the bots execute a sell order to prevent more losses.

Margin/Leverage Trading

Min Position Profit Percentage

The minimum profit percentage the position has to reach before its allowed to be closed.

Max Position Loss Percentage

The maximum loss percentage the position may have before its forced to close.

Email Actions


Possibility to restrict from who the email is fetched.


Definition on which the emails are matched. A message can be defined in 3 ways
  • Exact match (case insensitive)
  • Wildcard. Use an * as a wild card. For example *SELL_BTC_USDT_1
  • Regular expressions. For example: @"(TradingView)|(BTC_1)"


The bots action after the email has been received


Type of orders you want this bot to place. Standard limit and market orders are available as well native exchange and custom templates defined in the Order Template Builder.


When there are multiple messages defined and the timespan is set, all the messages need to be received within that time span. If the time between the first and last email is larger than the defined seconds the signal won’t be valid. If the timespan is set on 0, the action can be executed by one of the messages.
Email Bot UI