The Email Bot can be tricky to get going. This troubleshoot guide will help with the most common issues
If you can't add an Email Provider, here are the common reasons:
  • There is a typo in password or email.
    • Please check that the password and email address are correct. Also, note that Haas Email Bot currently only supports Gmail.
  • System specification does not meet minimum requirements.
    • Please check that the system you are hosting the platform on meets the minimum requirements outlined here.
  • Less Secure Apps was not enabled or was enabled on the wrong Gmail account.
    • Please go back to the Less Secure Apps page and make sure in the top right corner that you are currently working from the correct Google account, and then enable "Less Secure Apps".
  • VPS is in another country, so Google denied access and sent a "Security Alert" email
    • You will need to open that email, click "Check Activity", then click on the Unknown Device and select "it is me" or similar. Make sure that the time and location of the of the access from the VPS matches that of the Unknown Device!
If you have set up the bot and it is activated, the emails are coming in, but nothing happens, here are the most common problems:
  • Wrong coin position.
    • If for example the emails coming in call for buying (longing), but the Coin (Funds) Position of the bot is already Bought (Long), it won't react to the buy signals. However, you will be able to see a message describing exactly this happening in the logbook of the Email Bot.
  • Approved Contacts are wrong or have a typo in them.
    • Check your Approved Contacts for typos. Also, it's good to know that when using a filter for forwarding in Gmail, the displayed sender (thus the email that should be entered as Approved Contact) will be the original sender (for example, [email protected]), not the forwarding account.
  • Order didn't hit the exchange.
    • If the exchange is often overloaded or for some other reason the order fails to reach the exchange the bot will will not try to resubmit the order, it wait for another email signal. Order Persistence Bot Extension solves this problem very well.
  • The text of the Action and that inside the email don't match.
    • For it to match one often needs to add asterisk in the beginning of the text, like *long-xrpbtc-4h (on HTS side, not on TV side), to substitute the "TradingView Alert:" part with asterisk.
  • Linux
    • If you are running your HTS on Linux and the Email Bot does not take any action towards the signals that it has processed, please ensure that you have installed mono-vbnc on your machine. sudo apt install mono-vbnc