C# Script Bot

Create your own custom bot written in C#!


The C# Script Bot is able to read and execute an external C# script. The scripts are fully customizable. There is an API available to gather the information needed to create your own custom bot.The script needs to be written in C# .NET 4.5 and be based on OOP. A few examples are listed below.
Can only trade on one market at a time.

Supported licence & Trade types

Supported Licence
Supported Trading Types
Spot trading
Margin trading
Advanced licence
Leverage trading


Coin Position
This is the start position of the bot. If your assets are currently in BTC select BTC. If they are in USD, select USD. The value has no relation to the trade amount currency.
Trade Amount
The allocated amount for the bot to use.
Some exchanges offer different fees for some order types. This will adjust the profit calculation.
Script Settings
All scripts located in the HTS/ScriptBots folder will be listed here. The script selected will be used in the bot. When the script has external settings they will be listed below Bot Settings.

Bot Settings

The parameters defined in the script will be shown below Bot Settings. The bot settings list will update when the script file changes.