Binance COIN Futures

Enabling Your Binance Futures Account

Login to Binance as you usually do.
Click on Derivatives on the top banner and choose anyone of the links presented to click. (We recommend the first one)
This will then take you to the Binance USDT-Ⓜ exchange. You will see some text on the bottom right and a button that says Open now . Click on it.
That's it! To verify that you have access to the Binance Futures exchange is the ability to place Long or Short orders on the exchange.

Obtaining the API Key

To get the API keys for your Binance COIN Futures account, click your user icon and then API Management.
Enter a name for your new API key and click Create.
A popup will appear asking you to click on Get Code and to enter your 2FA code before the API creation can be performed.
Click on Get Code and check your email for the code from Binance.
Enter the code provided in your email as well as your 2FA code and click Submit.
Once you click Submit the API is immediately created, click on Edit Restrictions.
Tick Enable Futures and click Save.
Keep the page open and move on to the next step.

Adding the API to HaasOnline Trade Server

Login to your HTS server as usual.
Click on Price Drivers & Accounts.
Enable the Binance COIN Futures Price Driver (toggle the button green).
Click on Add New Account.
Input a name for your account in Account Name.
Select Account Type as Leverage Trading.
Select Platform as Binance COIN Futures.
Go back to your Binance API Management page and click on Copy for API Key and paste it into Public Key in your HaasOnline Trade Server.
Highlight your Secret Key in Binance API Management page and paste it into Private Key in your HaasOnline Trade Server.
Once that is done, click Save and you should see a green checkmark once you have successfully connected the API to your HaasOnline Trade Server.


If your API key can't connect and you are using Windows, please consider installing NetTime.
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