Obtaining the API Key

To get the API keys for your ByBit account, click on the dropdown list on the top right of the ByBit main page. Select Account & Security.
Once inside, click on API Management and then click on Create New Key.
Once the pop-up appears, make sure you:
  1. 1.
    Select API Transaction
  2. 2.
    Enter the Name for your API key
  3. 3.
    Select Active Order and Positions under Key Permissions
The screenshot below will show you how the settings should look like before you click on Confirm.
Make sure to NOT select Read-Only
Once you click on Confirm, the API key is now ready to be added to HTS. It should look like this:
Keep the page open and move on to the next step.

Adding the API to HaasOnline Trade Server

Login to your HTS server as usual.
Click on Price Drivers & Accounts.
Enable the ByBit Price Driver (toggle the button green).
Click on Add New Account.
Input a name for your account in Account Name.
Select Account Type as Leverage Trading.
Select Platform as ByBit.
Go back to your ByBit API Management page and copy the API Key and paste it into Public Key in your HaasOnline Trade Server.
Highlight your Private Key in ByBit API Management page and paste it into Private Key in your HaasOnline Trade Server.
Make sure to check for spaces at the start and at the end of the API/Private Key
Once that is done, click Save and you should see a green checkmark once you have successfully connected the API to your HaasOnline Trade Server.
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